5 Simple Steps to do Yoga Nidra Practice

yoga nidra practise

Sleepless nights are becoming a major concern these days. Whether you blame technological advancements or personal issues, people are sleeping less. Even if someone wants to fall asleep, it takes hours to enter deep sleep. So, what’s the solution? Yoga Nidra practice! You read that right.

One of the most effective yoga techniques, you can do Yoga Nidra practice. If you have no idea how does this works, read the following points.

How Yoga Nidra Practice Works?

Usually, you sleep unconsciously when you are tired. However, that does not help in removing negative elements from your mind or body. When you do Yoga Nidra practice, you sleep consciously.

That means you are in complete awareness of where your mind is heading to. This makes it easy for you to confront things lurking in your mind. Hence, you consciously accept them and flush them out of your mind and body. You can also call it meditation for sleep.

Yoga Nidra Practice in 5 Easy Steps

Choose a Dark & Cool Place

At first, make sure you find a cool place to sleep. Having a cool place helps your body to relax to the maximum degree. Further, if possible, shut down all the doors or windows or light sources.

Make sure is it dark so that your mind does not distract. Also, ensure that the place is quiet or has minimum disturbance.

Find Sweet Spot to Lie

Once you have a perfect spot, lie on your back. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will not be sleeping it off. Rather, your whole focus is going to be on your awareness, mind mechanisms, and body relaxation.

Therefore, if you are uncomfortable while lying down, the whole process is going to fail. Whatever you need to become comfortable, do that. If you want to hear music, want to burn an incense stick, or simply want more cushioning, just do it.

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Tip: In case you want to learn more about Yoga Nidra practice, you can join a Yoga Nidra teacher training course.

Mindful Sleeping

Now, the third step to do Yoga Nidra practice is to lie down on whatever you have. Whether you want to lie on a bed or the ground, just ensure it is comfortable. Then slowly close your eyes and practice deep but slow breathing.

This helps in becoming aware of where your body is tight or tensed. Wherever your attention goes, make sure it becomes light and relaxed.

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Relax Your Body

Another thing you can do is practice the point relaxation technique. To do this, bring your attention to the body part where you feel any sensations or tension. Once you do that, you witness energy flowing to that particular point.

Hence, the tension starts to relax. You can apply this technique to your whole body by scanning your body. Just do not try to focus hard as this is going to ruin or disrupt your concentration. Rather, let your consciousness flow.

Letting Go

Once you are completely relaxed, you can place your attention on a single point in your body. Further, whatever comes to your mind, you can observe that. If something gets heavy on your head, you can just accept it rather than fighting against it.

Hence, accepting and letting go allows you to remain calm and in a composed state.

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Yoga Nidra Practice Benefits

Improves Sleep

The lack of sleep could contribute to various other factors like stress or anxiety. Moreover, you can easily burn out your potential if you do not has proper rest. For that, you should sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Yoga Nidra practice helps you sleep better that ensures your body has complete rest. Thus, your body’s cycles are restored to their natural position.

Detaches From Thoughts

Thoughts never leave your mind. Rather, they are responsible for daydreaming or getting carried away with your imagination. This is not bad, however, it has a drastic impact on your life. You never get time to get in touch with your inner being.

Yoga Nidra practice helps you detach from all sorts of thoughts. It further enables you to have a strong connection with your inner being that helps you become conscious of the present moment.

Releases Tension

Whether it is muscle or mental tension, it would leave you all shattered down. Moreover, you will hardly feel any sensations in your body if your body or mind is tensed. In short, you hardly feel anything whenever you are frustrated.

Yoga Nidra practice helps you release mental tension when you sleep consciously. Moreover, your body relaxes completely that brings in a closed circle of your body.

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Connects With Higher Being

When a person is already consumed in thoughts or physical tension, he or she hardly has time for other things. Energy depletes rapidly along with frustration growing immensely. However, Yoga Nidra practice helps you to relax, observe, and connect with your spiritual being.

This helps you have spiritual enlightenment that makes you sure you remain grounded and always in touch with yourself. You never feel bored or out of place that helps you feel connected with the Universe.

All these benefits make it clear that Yoga Nidra practice works on your mind, body, soul, emotions, feelings, and much more. Just make sure you are consistent with your practice.

Wrap Up

You can follow the above-given steps to do Yoga Nidra practice. However, if something does not seem right, you can always join Yoga Nidra training. This helps you learn the right technique to master the Yoga Nidra practice.

It might seem as if you are not getting any benefits. However, over time your sleep quality improves that ensures you fall asleep easily. Hence, you should make it a part of your routine to live a happy and easy life.

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