Are You Insomniac? Get the Problem Fixed with Sleep Meditation!

Are You Insomniac? Get the Problem Fixed with Sleep Meditation!

Out of 100, approximately 30 percent of people deal with insomnia. If you find trouble while falling asleep even after half-hour of going to the couch, then it may be a symptom of insomnia.

Researches suggest that there are different types of insomnia and treatment to cure each type differs. If you are also an insomniac and looking for ways to treat it in a natural way, then there is no better option than practicing meditation for sleep.

What is sleep meditation?

It is a state between sleeping and being awake, where an individual puts him/herself in ‘Yogic Nidra‘. Yogic sleep or nidra is basically a state in which your body will be completely relaxed but awake mentally. In terms of yoga, yogic sleep is used as a relaxation method to calm your body, mind, and soul.

How to Practice Yogic Sleep?

People often use audio tracks that guide them on how to practice sleep meditation. However, if you want to learn all about it, joining a yoga school can help.

For those who want to know about the basics of practicing sleep mediation can follow the steps listed below:

1. Lay down in a quiet room and loosen up your body.
2. Set some time limit for this meditation time so that you can get better results.
3. Relax your mind and focus on all parts of the body to help them relax as well and understand more about the working of your body parts.
4. Next, breathe in a slow manner and using nostrils only. Doing so will help your body parts free their sensitivity and make you feel relaxed.
5. Think of only positive things that happened to you. It can be happy memories or anything else.
6. Try to envision pleasing and admirable scenes for getting rid of any left over stress or tensions.

Benefits of Sleep Meditation

It has been found by researchers that yoga has a great effect on the quality of sleep. It not only helps in alleviating stress but also improves mental focus and physical functioning of your body.

Additional Tips to Fix the Problem of Insomnia

Apart from sleep meditation, you can also practice slow yet controlled yoga movements in the morning/evening time for staying focused and present.

Mantra Chanting can also help to calm and to focus your mind. Mantras can be selected either in Sanskrit, Hindi, English, the language you prefer. A good mantra will help you concentrate and continuously focus on the repetition of mantra sound, making you relax and sleep well.

You can also try mindfulness meditation to improve your sleep. This is a slow and steady breathing practice you can do while seated quietly. Regular practice of this yoga type will promote good sleep along with reducing stress, boosting immunity, and improving concentration.


Following a proper meditation for sleep sessions can help you fix the problem of Insomnia to some extent. Besides, certain lifestyle changes are also necessary to see better results.

Note: If you are at the crucial stage of insomnia, then we suggest you consult or doctor because the continual problems may occur other health issues.