Benefits of Bedtime Yoga for Restless Sleep

Benefits of Bedtime Yoga for Restless Sleep

Do you know that a bedtime routine affects the kind of sleep you will have? True! If you like to spend the remaining time of the day sticking to a blue screen, then rest assure that you will be having a poor quality of sleep. However, if you want sound sleep, better recovery, and completely relaxed mind, you can practice guided meditation for sleep.

When you practice bedtime yoga for sleep, you release all the burden which is holding you mentally or physically. Therefore, you sleep like a baby. You can also join a yoga retreat center if you want to learn sleep yoga. If you have doubts about how meditation can help you gain better mental, and physical health, read the following points.

Top Benefits of Bedtime Yoga

1. Release Stress, Anxiety & Mental Pressure

Your mind is under constant pressure from all that stress and worry you undergo in the day. It is because of stress, you feel anxious and might feel discomfort while taking various decisions in your life. Fear is another outcome emerging from stressful situations.

However, practicing yogic sleep make your mind clear, and help you to have a better observation of the ongoing events. You learn to observe things rather than getting entangled in them. Moreover, you learn to let go, making your life easy going.

2. Relieve Insomnia

Almost two-third of the Americans suffer bouts of Insomnia every now and then. It is a health issue in which you are not able to sleep for days. The result is slower brain activity, bad neuron-muscular connection, and a bad mood.

Guided meditation helps you de-clutter your mind. It mends various health, and sleep issues, so that, you can sleep better. Studies have found that incorporating meditation in your bedtime routine helps you to raise your consciousness, and connect you with your inner being.

3. Improve Quality of Sleep

Sleep is of the utmost importance when it comes to providing your body adequate rest. Therefore, bedtime yoga is for people looking for an altered state of sleep. In turn, you experience sound sleep rather than tossing and turning in bed for hours.

You become mindful of breath that pulls you out from mental chatter. While breathing deeply, you can also visualize or scan the body. This way, you can relax a particular body part and undergo deeper relaxation.

4. Ease Pain

Various studies have shown that practicing meditation regularly eases the pain. Practicing yoga helps with better circulation of blood, easier respiration, and induces restful sleep. By reinforcing and activating certain parts of the brain responsible for processing pain, meditation for sleep helps by reducing the intensity of pain.

You feel at ease and therefore, can sleep better. Pain can also be a side-effect of any negative emotion or feeling stuck within your subconscious. Meditation for sleep helps in the release of any ill-element stuck within your psyche, and flush it out.

5. Relax Body & Mind

Your body is on ‘fight or flight’ mode throughout the day. However, the moment you practice meditation for sleep, your body shifts to a relaxation mode. The deeper you go while meditating, the more relaxed your body and mind become.

Regular meditation practice tunes the body to its natural cycles of sleep. Moreover, you experience lower blood pressure or stress releasing hormones. Not just the physical ailment rather mental issues are healed with meditation practice.

With so much for you, bedtime yoga can truly be a life-changing experience you can have. It helps to balance out your emotions and feelings. Regular practice of meditation enables you to have a better insight.

You feel a rise in your vibrations and get tuned to the higher frequency. In turn, you experience a growth in your spiritual dimension and enjoy a serene and peaceful life.

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