Benefits of Joining a Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga teacher training

The burden of professional commitments combined with problems in your personal relationships can easily stress you out. Stress and tension become a part of your daily life and refuse to go away with the normal exercise routine. You also develop unhealthy lifestyle habits like binge-watching television shows, and consuming an unhealthy diet, which only makes the issue worse than the absence of physical activity.

It is time you should consider taking up yoga instructor training to remove not just the physical but mental and spiritual hurdles preventing you from unlocking your true potential. A yoga teacher training brings some impressive positive changes to your life. It helps you not just dive deeper into your being but also assist others on this journey towards self-realization.

We know you are a bit skeptical about taking up yoga as a lifetime career but pay attention to what it has to offer. Read further to know how choosing yoga teacher training course helps you develop good habits as a part of your daily life.

Why Consider Yoga Teacher Training?

Given below are the 10 major benefits of why yoga teacher training is the best course to help you evolve on an individual level and help others on this journey.

1. A New Career Option

If you decide to go for the yoga certification course, chances are your 9 to 5 job has got you stuck in a rut. The yoga instructor course gives you enough time to reflect on your past life actions and focus on what actually matters. Your decision to do yoga teacher training is enough proof that you are ready to make some big changes to your life.

2. Embracing the Basics

A positive effect of choosing the best yoga teacher training program is you get to experience the basics of life. Things like wearing plain and simple clothes, eating simple food, and zero disturbance from your smartphone or email make it clear that you can live your life without unnecessary clutter.

Living a life free of unnecessary desires makes it less stressful. The yoga instructor training program helps you bring such profound changes into your life with ease.

3. Improved Physical Strength

The daily yoga asana practice during your training brings massive changes to your physical health. Regular yoga sessions improve your muscle strength, flexibility, and stamina which ensures proper overall functioning of your body. You also acquire in-depth knowledge of the benefits of each yoga asana for your mental and physical health during the yoga teacher training course.

4. Reconnect With Your True Self

The regular yoga meditation and pranayama sessions help you experience yoga beyond its physical aspects. These provide you with a higher mental awareness and also make you calm. Regular meditation sessions help develop mental focus and the ability to witness your emotions and feelings without reacting to them.

In other words, the yoga teacher training helps you connect with your true self and realize your actual potential.

5. You Become Humble

If you think yoga includes just the physical practice of specific asanas to make you feel good, then you still have a long way to mastering this sacred art. A yoga teacher certification makes you realize how you are still at the starting line of a process of lifelong change, and how much you actually know about your true self.

Although you might get enough knowledge to teach this ancient art to other people, it also humbles you in your everyday life. A yoga teacher training course makes it clear that learning is a lifelong process and a calm mind is much useful in handling a stressful situation.

6. Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Owing to the structured yoga teacher training regimen at a yoga school, you learn to follow a routine that includes daily yoga practice and healthy food. Your daily lessons on yoga does a lot in helping you adopt new and healthy habits in your everyday life.

Apart from your daily routine at the yoga teacher training school, a major benefit is you have nothing to distract you which helps break your old habit patterns. Simply being able to live without the incessant noise of your phone or email is enough to bring some good changes to your life.

7. A New Perspective

Before you become a part of the yoga community with the yoga teacher training course, yoga appears to be just an alternative to the gym. However, proper yoga teacher training offers you a lot more than you can imagine.

The very concept of Karma yoga taught to you during the training helps you understand human existence from a different perspective. In short, a yoga teacher training in India opens your mind to new life experiences.

8. Tremendous Growth

The challenge of living without your smartphone or laptop and coming face-to-face with your actual self is enough to break down many individuals during the yoga teacher training. Teachers at the yoga school help you expand your physical boundaries with regular practice of yoga.

Moreover, as your yoga practice advances to another level, you develop the mental toughness required to keep your body still during each yoga session. In the long run, it helps you develop a calmer mindset amidst a chaotic situation.

9. Develop Your Confidence to Teach

Whether you choose the beginner-level 200 hour yoga teacher training or the more intense 500-hour course; it is a golden opportunity for you to move from the role of a yoga student to a professional yoga teacher.

An important part of your yoga teacher training regimen is helping you develop the right yoga teaching skills and organize a yoga class in the best way. In addition, the theoretical classes offer you a solid grasp on the different concepts of the art of yoga.

10. Form Everlasting Connections

The one thing a yoga teacher training course offers you is the chance to meet like-minded individuals. Since you spend the majority of your time in the company of total strangers, it gives you a good chance to share and gather different life experiences. What this does is create a special bond with other yoga practitioners.

However, finding the best yoga teacher training program is no walk in the park especially if you are new to yoga. Don’t worry as we will help you find the best yoga teacher course that suits your needs.

Given below are the different yoga teacher training courses you can choose.

Yoga Teacher Training Program – The Different Levels


The term yoga teacher training has become quite popular on a global level owing to not just its physical benefits but also how it helps you evolve on a mental and spiritual level. The training helps you understand that yoga goes beyond just practicing asanas on a mat.

With that said, it is time you understand the different types of yoga teacher training you can enroll in to advance your knowledge of this sacred art.

1. 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teachers training

If you are a novice in yoga practice and want to understand the basics of this ancient art, then choose the 200 Hour yoga teacher training course to kickstart your journey. This course is recognized by the global body looking to spread and share everything about yoga, Yoga Alliance USA.

A typical session of 200-hour yoga teacher training session helps you understand yoga’s philosophy and history among others. However, that is not everything you learn in this beginner-level yoga instructor training course. It also includes;

  • Lessons on yoga philosophy, history, and teaching methodology
  • Learning the art of Mantra chanting
  • Different yoga breathing techniques, also known as Pranayama
  • Sessions on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga
  • Practicing different types of yoga meditation

The 200-hour yoga teacher training course is best suited for laying down a solid foundation of your basic understanding of yoga.

However, if you want to advance your understanding of the yogic lifestyle then pay attention below.

2. 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour yoga teacher training

If completing the 200-hour program does not satisfy your hunger for yoga, then choose the intermediate-level 300-hour course. This yoga instructor program provides you with advanced knowledge of yoga to take your yoga practice to an advanced level.

The 300 Hour yoga teacher training offers you a combination of modern and traditional forms of yoga. You get yoga knowledge not just to move ahead in your quest as a yoga practitioner but also as a yoga teacher. In short, you receive theoretical and practical lessons on becoming the best yoga teacher.

Enrolling in a 300-hour yoga teacher program opens up the doors to help you learn advanced yoga techniques like;

  • Yoga Nidra and deeper yogic meditation
  • Lessons on yoga anatomy and asanas
  • Study of yoga Mudras
  • Shatkarma
  • Yoga Literature like Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • Yoga Therapy

The 300-hour yoga instructor course is the best option if you have completed the basic yoga course and want to move from a beginner to an intermediate yoga practitioner.

However, if you want to move forward and become a professional yoga teacher, then the 500-hour program is for you.

3. 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 hour yoga teacher training

The 500 Hour yoga teacher training is the best course if you want to become the best yoga instructor. It is the top yoga teacher training course if you want to become a certified yoga guru. You develop the skills and confidence to practice yoga not just on a physical level but also explore its mental and spiritual aspects.

Enrolling in this advanced yoga teacher training course opens up the door to your employment as a yoga teacher with a prestigious yoga studio or school. The program carries the best of 200 and 300-hour YTT programs. The 500-hour course includes;

  • Sessions on Yoga philosophy including Panch Koshas, Hatha Kosha, and others
  • In-depth lessons on Pranayama techniques like Shitkari, Bhramari among others
  • Theoretical classes on Yoga anatomy and physiology including the different body systems
  • Lessons on Different yoga meditations including Prana, Chakra, and others
  • Theoretical and practical lessons on advanced yoga poses
  • Knowledge of organizing a yoga class

Remember, the 500-hour yoga teacher training course is for those who possess clear beginner and intermediate level knowledge of yoga.

Now that you have gathered complete knowledge about the different types of best yoga teacher training program, it is time to find the best place to begin your journey.

Why not visit India to learn this sacred art? Read further to know why we took this name.

7 Reasons to Start Your Yoga Teacher Training in India


seven reasons to start yoga

Whether you want to learn yoga for professional or personal growth, it surely leaves an impact on your life in the long run. The yoga instructor course helps you move beyond the physical aspects of yoga. You experience life with a new perspective and evolve as a human being with more compassion, self-control, and love for yourself and others.

Yoga teacher training leaves a profound effect on your physical and mental health. It is more of an internal process that considers having a deeper connection with yourself and other human beings along with developing self-acceptance in the long term.

Whether you choose the beginner-level or advanced yoga teacher training course, keep in mind that doing your training in India would have a positive impact on your overall knowledge about this ancient art.

Let us now look at how a YTT in India benefits you in the long run.

1. Learning From the Source

Needless to say, India is a land blessed with being the birthplace of this sacred art. The Rig Veda mentions controlled breathing, specific rituals, mantras, and hymns to connect with your true self. Yoga has been a part of the Indian culture and tradition for thousands of years and helped millions reach self-realization without any hassle.

Without any doubt, Yoga has survived the test of time and attracts millions from around the world. So, why not visit the birthplace of Yoga and learn this sacred art from the true yoga masters? You are more likely to connect with a true yogi in India than you would in a yoga studio somewhere in the city.

2. Chance to Explore India

The holy land of India offers you a lot more when you arrive to explore your true self. There are a host of different cultures, traditions, not to forget the mouth-watering local delicacies which you can try. Moreover, learning Yoga at its birthplace gives you the credibility that your knowledge of yoga is complete and authentic.

3. Numerous High-Quality Yoga Schools

India being the birthplace of Yoga has ample options to help you become a professional yoga teacher. Some yoga schools teach Ashtanga, while others provide you with classes on Hatha or Vinyasa yoga style. Every yoga school has highly qualified teachers who possess Yoga Alliance certification and complete knowledge to help you move ahead with your yoga practice.

4. Experience Yoga As a Spiritual Science

There is no doubt that yoga practice helps you develop a flexible physique and perform difficult yoga postures with ease. However, the yoga teacher training is also spiritual training that helps you dive deeper and connect with your true self. Simply practicing the different yoga asanas without understanding their spiritual meaning would not yield the best results.

5. Connect with Yoga Gurus

Although India is a populated country but finding a yogi lost in meditation is not that hard. The yoga teacher course gives you the chance to connect with other true yogis. It gives you an opportunity to share your life experiences and gain new insights into your life.

6. Affordable Fees

If you prefer to take part in a yoga teacher training course outside India, chances are you would pay a hefty fee for the training. However, India offers you more benefits like yoga programs that are a bit economical.

7. A Lifetime Experience

Becoming a yoga instructor in India offers you the best opportunity to work on your mental, physical, and spiritual growth. India being a land of spirituality offers you the experience of a lifetime and master the yogic art.


It goes beyond any doubt that choosing a yoga teacher training does a lot to help improve your overall well-being. Apart from its physical practice, you also come to know about the mental and spiritual aspects of this sacred art.