Bikram Yoga vs Hot Yoga Which one is better?

bikram yoga vs hot yoga

Are you confused between Bikram yoga and Hot yoga? Well, it could be due to various similarities between the surroundings in which they are practiced. However, that does not denote they are the same. Both yoga styles have numerous differences. Thus, you should check out the following points to resolve the Bikram yoga vs Hot yoga conflict.

With that said, let us have a look at some of the major points of difference in the Bikram yoga vs Hot yoga debate. Read on.

Bikram Yoga vs Hot Yoga: Key Differences

bikram yoga vs hot yoga

Practice Place

One of the major differences in the Bikram yoga vs Hot yoga debate is the area or studio for yoga practice. Bikram yoga studios have wall-to-wall mirrors installed.

On the other hand, Hot yoga studios have no mirrors that might distract you. As per the ancient yogic philosophy, mirrors are used to dull the inner awareness so that you can focus more on the outer body.


The way you can behave or act in a yoga practice is different in both yoga forms. In Bikram yoga, you cannot talk, interact, or have any form of communication.

However, in Hot yoga, students are allowed to ask questions. In various places, music is also an add-on to beat boredom.

Therefore, a practitioner can get his or her confusion or questions answered in a Hot yoga class. This is one of the major differences between Bikram yoga and Hot yoga debate.


The length of the yoga class or session is another key difference between Bikram yoga and Hot yoga debate. It is one of the deciding factors that might attract or repel yoga practitioners.

Bikram yoga classes go strictly for 90 minutes. These turn out to be intense and unbearable for yoga practitioners. Hot yoga goes for 60 minutes that might or might not turn intense.

Further, staying in a heated room for 60 minutes is perfect for your body to sweat and detox. On the other hand, 90 minutes could be a bit intense and might dehydrate your body.

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Learning a variety of yoga postures and how often you practice a different yoga routine is another crucial difference in the Bikram yoga vs Hot yoga debate.

Bikram yoga consists of the same 26 yoga postures. There is no change in either the routine or the posture. You will practice similar yoga postures over and over again, no matter if you join a different Bikram yoga class.

However, in Hot yoga, yoga postures depend on a yoga teacher. Every yoga teacher prefers different asanas as per his or her knowledge.

So, you get to learn and explore more when you practice Hot yoga. On the other hand, Bikram yoga helps you practice the same yoga postures until you master them.

Yoga Styles

Every school of yoga has its style or form of yoga. As far as Bikram yoga is concerned, there is no scope for change or interpretation, or modification in yoga style.

Some might feel distracted or out of place in Bikram yoga. Rather, you might feel as if you are just moving mechanically without any form of interaction, or communication with either a teacher or a fellow practitioner.

Hot yoga is a compilation of more than a single form of yoga. It got influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Hatha yoga styles. In short, Hot yoga is open to more changes than Bikram yoga.

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Tips to Practice Either Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga

Bring your water bottle. The heated room might leave you dehydrated.
Get more towels for your yoga class. They will come in handy after a sweaty yoga session.
Ensure you wear something that is made up of breathable material.
Do not wear shoes as this could restrict your movement.

Wrap Up

Both Bikram Yoga and Hot yoga are different from each other in various contexts. Thus, there is no single answer to the Bikram yoga vs Hot yoga debate. Moreover, you should understand the significance of each yoga style.

Thus, yoga experts suggest that you should join a registered yoga teacher training course. This will help you learn from yoga masters so that you have the best yoga experience.

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