Do’s & Don’t of Yoga Before Bedtime

Do’s & Don’t of Yoga Before Bedtime

What do you think is the most important element for a healthy body? It is sleep! Sleep helps you to replenish your body’s energy cycles, cognitive skills, and recharge your physical body for another day of your life. Thus, practicing yoga before bedtime can change your life for good.

However, there are important points that you need to keep in mind before or while practicing yoga before bedtime. Read them to ensure you have a greater impact on your mind and body.

Do’s of Yoga Before Bedtime

  • Creating Sleep-Friendly Space

    If your bed looks like a mess, then you can’t practice bedtime yoga on it. The very first thing you need to do to practice yoga before bedtime is to create a sleep-friendly space. It has been seen that a dark room has more impact on your sleep than a well-lit room.

Therefore, you need to have a clean and comfortable bed, so that, you can easily practice yoga.

  • Relaxation Exercise

    It is always better to practice a relaxing exercise before diving into a yoga session. You can also perform the relaxation exercise at the end of your session, so that, you can shift directly to your sleep after your yoga practice.

  • Removing Distractions

    Why do you think you take so much time to fall asleep when you are using a phone, TV, or laptop? The reason is these things distract you from focusing on your bedtime routine. The blue light emitted from the screens of the electronic gadgets directly affects your sleep patterns.

         Thus, it becomes utterly important to put aside various distractions to concentrate on your routine.

  • Making a Routine

    How to be consistent with your bedtime yoga? Make a routine. No matter how busy you are, always practice yoga before bedtime at an allotted time, so that, you never miss your yoga practice.

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  • Being conscious

    Ever done something and later thought when you did it? That is because you did it unconsciously. Therefore, practice yoga with complete awareness. Various meditation techniques will help you to become conscious of your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Read About Guided Meditation for sleep

Don’t of Yoga Before Bedtime

  • No Intense Workout

    Though you practice yoga before bedtime, it doesn’t mean that you have to do an intense yoga practice. It will wake you up rather than putting to sleep. Moreover, sleep is the ultimate goal of practicing yoga before bedtime. Therefore, you need to choose a yoga routine that suits your goal in mind.

  • No Long Yoga Sessions

    Keep your yoga session small. It is so because the longer you practice, the more difficult it will be to be consistent with your yoga practice. Therefore, make your yoga routine more relaxing, to you go deeper towards sleep rather than waking up.

  • Don’t Overeat

    You should eat moderately keeping in mind your yoga practice. If you stuff your stomach too much, you are unable to practice much longer. Moreover, you feel sleepy at the time of your yoga session, but will be awake after a while.

  • No Drinking Alcohol

    Alcohol lowers your vibrations. Even though you feel sleepy after getting drunk, you also tend to wake up early. Hence, you lack proper sleep if you drink alcohol now and then. Thus, when you practice yoga for sleeping, prevent the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any harmful substances.

There are no special requirements when you buckle up for a bedtime yoga session. When you practice yoga poses for sleep in bed, you work on your disturbed sleeping patterns, sleep issues, insomnia, apnea, and much more.

Making a routine of yoga before bedtime helps you to fall asleep at the same time, therefore, your body adapts to the fixed routine. It enhances your cognitive domain since you get a good quality of sleep once you make yoga practice a part of your life.

With more energy in your arsenal, you are always ready to face the challenges of your life and live a happy and cheerful life.