Here’s What You Should Know About Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy

If you are pregnant then high emotions are a normal state of affairs for you. However, if you are looking for a way to relax then choosing yoga is the right decision. The practice of yoga during pregnancy offers you more than a way to stay fit. It lets you form a loving connection with yourself and the baby.

Moreover, if you practice yoga during pregnancy in group settings it also gives you the chance to connect with to-be-mothers, reduce stress in everyday life, and minimize the pain during labor. Prenatal yoga allows you to slow down and connect deeply with the life growing inside your body.

With that said, let us find out how practicing prenatal yoga helps you.

Yoga During Pregnancy – The Benefits

Given below are the three major benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy.

1. Prepares Body For Labor

Recent studies have shown that yoga contributes to less painful labor. Yoga practice helps you connect with your body. This gives you more control when giving birth. Moreover, the breathing classes in yoga help you prepare for labor.

Yoga breathing helps you manage pain and understand how to use specific muscles in your body in an efficient way.

2. Calms Down The Nervous System

The first thing to go sky-high during pregnancy is your emotions. However, if you are happy and content it would create a positive environment not just for yourself but also for the baby.

Regular practice of yoga during pregnancy minimizes the effect of everyday stress by helping you remain grounded in the present moment. Moreover, a single session of yoga minimizes your anxiety and stress levels.

3. A Comfortable Pregnancy

Since your body undergoes a lot of changes with some of them not being so comfortable like back pain and weak pelvic floor muscles among others, yoga helps you relax. The numerous yoga asanas strengthen your core muscles, and pelvic floor muscles.

However, at the same time, you do have to follow some safety in mind as this is the time of taking utmost precautions.

Safety Considerations For Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is the safest way to relax for expectant mothers. However, if your pregnancy comes under high risk or has complications, you should connect with a healthcare professional.

Your body produces a hormone known as Relaxin during pregnancy. This helps your body prepare for pregnancy. Its presence helps you relax and feel more flexible. However, yoga experts recommend you should not overstretch as it can destabilize joints and ligaments during pregnancy.

Another risk you face during pregnancy is that of accidental falls. Once your pregnancy advances be careful with the balancing yoga poses. You should avoid doing Pranayama to avoid fainting at this stage of your life. Also, do not practice Bikram yoga as too much heat is not good for you.

It is necessary you know how to practice yoga during the different trimesters of your pregnancy. Read further to know more.

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Yoga In Different Trimesters of Pregnancy

With that said, given below is a complete breakdown of how you should practice yoga during pregnancy.

1. First Trimester

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, postural changes are minimum as the size of your belly is not an issue. It is the right time for you to practice yoga during pregnancy to get in tune with your body. You might feel a bit uneasy so practice a bit of light yoga.

2. Second Trimester

The second trimester is the apt time for you to start practicing yoga. If you have overcome morning sickness and your belly starts to protrude further, it is the best time to practice prenatal yoga asanas.

Since your uterus is expanding, you should avoid any yoga pose where you have to lie on your belly. Moreover, avoid practicing deep twists as these are not the right yoga poses to practice at this point.

3. Third Trimester

At this point in your pregnancy, your belly starts to come out and it is the right time for you to make room with standing yoga poses. You should practice a wider stance in standing poses that helps you avoid an accidental fall.


Pregnancy gives you the chance to welcome another individual into your family. However, you should practice yoga during pregnancy to remain calm and make the labor less painful.

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