How to Practice Guided Meditation for Stress Relief

meditation for stress relief

Guided Meditation for stress relief– Stress and anxiety seem to have become a part of everyone’s life. Because of that, there is so much negativity, frustration, anger, and irritation in people. That’s not all. Stress also leads to plenty of mental and physical ailments that create an imbalance in your life. Don’t worry. Guided meditation is the solution.

Have you no idea about guided meditation for stress relief? Worry not! Read the following points carefully to know what is guided meditation before jumping over to how to practice it. Furthermore, have a look at various benefits of practicing guided meditation. Read on.

Guided Meditation For Stress Relief: A Brief Intro

Zen Buddhism perfectly defines the human mind as the ‘Monkey Mind’. The ability to hop from one thought to the other gives the human mind this name. Hence, most people find it hard to sit silently and bring their focus inward.

That is where the guided meditation comes into action. Using another person’s voice as an anchor to not allow your attention to wander off is the prime motive of this meditation style. Hence, a pre-recorded voice in CDs, audio files, or podcasts is abundantly used while practicing guided meditation.

Checkpoints for Guided Meditation For Stress Relief

Before you begin your guided meditation practice, there are a few points you should keep in check. This ensures your practice is to the point. Give it a read.

1. Make sure your surrounding or environment is peaceful
2. Get rid of all the distractions of chores at hand before initiating the practice
3. Lie on either floor or bed in a comfortable position
4. If you are using an audio file, make sure to use earphones or headphones.

Guided Meditation For Stress Relief: How to Practice?

Wondering to start the guided meditation for stress relief? Check out the following steps to have the best meditation practice.

  • Begin with practicing mind and body relaxation practices
  • After lying in a comfortable position, close your eyes
  • Bring all your focus on the instructions given by the meditation guide
  • Follow the delivered instructions slowly and with utmost sincerity
  • Once the instructions are over, remain in that mental state for a longer time
  • Furthermore, slowly drift into sleep on the completion of the session

You should keep one thing in mind is to never rush through guided meditation. Rushing might hamper the overall growth and fail to rid you of stress relief.

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Benefits of Practicing Guided Meditation For Stress Relief

Improves Concentration

Practicing guided meditation for stress relief improves your concentration and mental focus. Listening to the instructions and following them enhances your ability to remain mindful of your mind and body. Furthermore, with regular practice of meditation to relieve stress, you become aware of your mental mechanisms.

Releases Mental Tension

Stress and anxiety lead to mental tension that does not allow you to think rationally or objectively. Hence, you fail to make the best decisions in your life without hampering the flow in your life. Practicing guided meditation flushes out mental stress and makes you strong and healthy.

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Access to Unconscious

The human body is on autopilot for 90% of the day. Therefore, for the most part of your life, you never willingly take a decision. Rather, your unconscious decides for you that you misunderstand as your will. Practicing this style of meditation gives you access to the unconscious dimension of your mind. This helps you reprogram it so that you can get control of your life back in your hand.

Total Relaxation

With consistent practice of guided meditation for stress relief, your body and mind get completely relaxed. It improves your sleep cycles, flushes out depression, insomnia, stress, muscle fatigue, and other ailments out of your body.


As you can see, guided meditation for stress relief is one of the best ways to experience deeper mental peace. However, consistency is the only way you can have that. Hence, make sure you practice meditation on a regular basis to have a sane mind and a healthy body.

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