How To Practice Guided Sleep Meditation For Kids

meditation for kids

There were times kids used to have a tonne of fun. However, with the rising competition in the study, extra co-curricular activities, kids too face stress, tension, and moreover, peer pressure. That is why practicing sleep meditation for kids becomes highly significant for their overall growth.

You might be wondering that how kids can practice some advanced yoga techniques like sleep meditation for sleep. However, you can opt for guided meditation for sleep which ensures that your kids are learning and practicing yoga in a creative way.

Ways To Practice Sleep Meditation For Kids

Bedtime Routine

When you want to incorporate something new into your or your kids’ lives, introduce it first at bedtime. This way, it will be played inside their heads too when they fall asleep. Letting your kids choose things they want at bedtime gives an adrenaline boost to their minds, making learning anything new easier.

Thus, while providing everything before them, present sleep meditation for kids curtailed with suspense. It arises curiosity in your kids to try something new. In turn, it will become a part of their nightlife over some time.

Story-based Practice

Kids love stories that include them to imagine distinct things. Therefore to practice sleep meditation for kids, you could make up a storyline than using books or other sources of direction or guidance. It will keep the focus of your kids intact in a single place, which ensures you have a glimpse of their attention span.

You can also provide them with multiple choices that make them feel that they have a say in something. Therefore, they will consciously participate rather than feeling being forced into practicing sleep meditation for kids.

Use Attractive Hearing Aids

Kids have a vivid imagination. They are always lost in their world, making crazy imaginations in relation to the real world. When you make use of things that your kids find attractive, you already have won the half battle.

In case you are practicing guided meditation, you can use a voice that your kids like. It will help in grasping the attention of your kids for a longer time for more prominent results. Choosing slowed-down music with a hushed voice gives a signal to your mind to move towards sleep. Thus, you can use various hearing aids to assist you while practicing sleep meditation for kids.

Practice Thankfulness

Practicing gratitude raises your vibration from asking for more to thanking for what you have. When you teach your kids to practice thankfulness, it brings forth what they think is most important that they are thankful for.

The goal is to filter out negative entities from you as well as your kids’ minds. Sharing comforting moments with your kids makes sleep meditation for kids simpler to approach, persuading becomes easier. When you share ideas or thoughts, it removes any misunderstanding growing between you and the kids, making sleep a soulful experience.

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Vision Board For Intention

Setting an intention is important while practicing sleep meditation for kids. It helps you to shift your focus to what is more important. Since kids have a very short attention span, it is very difficult to keep them engrossed in a single event.

Thus, to keep everything in place, you can make use of a vision board. It helps you to make use of the creative power of your kids. It creates a sense of the relation of your kids to the matter at hand.


Incorporating a change in your life is very difficult. To do so, you need to practice a single thing every day without a gap for time being. The same goes for sleep meditation for kids. However, making kids do a single thing for a longer time could be a challenge.

Thus, you need to adopt different ways to ensure that the interest remains constant until it becomes a habit.


Kids are spontaneous and ambiguous beings. Moreover, they are more closer to nature and can learn things much faster. Therefore, teaching sleep meditation for kids could be a new experience for them. It further helps with releasing mental tension, stress, or anxiety from their life.

Spending time with your kids helps you understand them and their mood swings. It increases trust, love, and connection between you and your kids.

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Ques. 1 At what age can you start meditating? 

Ans. You can start as early as possible. Even 3 years old kids can practice meditation. It might be a little difficult to learn the correct technique. However, you can practice the deep breathing meditation technique.

Ques. 2 How can I get my child to relax before bed?

Ans. You can make your child practice deep breathing. Otherwise, you can let them read a book or listen to soulful or calming music before going to bed. Stretching before going to bed can also help your child to relax and fall asleep easily.

Ques. 3 Is it OK to fall asleep during meditation?

Ans. Yes! It is perfectly fine if you fall asleep while practicing meditation. However, make sure you do make it a habit. Rather, try to remain conscious of your body or mind while practicing meditation. One thing you can do is practice meditation in bed. That way, you can fall asleep without any problem.

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