How To Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes With Yoga

How To Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes With Yoga

Millions of people suffer from insomnia, sleep issues, and irregular sleeping patterns. The Great British Sleep Survey back in 2011 found that almost half of the people struggle to fall asleep, or suffer lack of sleep. However, you can practice yoga to sleep fast in 5 minutes.

You might have doubts in your mind that how yoga can help you. To begin with, physical yoga postures when combined with deep breathing techniques and meditation exercises help you to achieve a calm state of being. A peaceful and calm mind is the most important thing you need to sleep well.

The following mentioned yoga poses are an answer to your question of how to fall asleep quickly. Have a look.

Top Yoga Poses to Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes

Reclined Butterfly Pose

reclined butterfly pose

Lie down on your back with your arms on your stomach and legs fully extended. Slowly fold your legs such that the soul of your feet touch each other. Let your knees fall under the effect of gravity.

If you feel a little discomfort, you can place pillows or blocks under your knees to support them. The pose helps you release the tension from your inner thighs and lower back.

Reclined Easy Twist

Reclined Easy Twist

Do you want to know the secret to how to get to sleep fast? The very simple solution is to decompress your spine. Reclined easy twist pose does the job for you. Start with simply lying on your back. Fold your legs and let them fall naturally to one side while you face to the other side.

Keep in mind to not let your lower back lose contact with the ground. The spine undergoes a twisting motion, releasing all the stress, tension, and burden from all day long sitting or standing.

Head to Knee Touch

Head to Knee Touch

Deep stretching is the key to loosen up your body a bit. When you practice head to knee touch, your middle and lower back is stretched along with your hamstring and calves muscles. You can easily modify the pose by using a yoga strap to pull your head towards your leg.

Moreover, you feel relaxed when you stretch and therefore, learn to sleep fast in 5 minutes. With practice, your sleep cycles are restored to default.

Supported Child’s Pose

Supported Child's Pose

Since you always lie down on your back when you fall asleep, sometimes it affect your spine health. That is where the Child’s pose can help you.

To practice Child’s pose, fold your legs and sit on your calves. Open up your knees a little by joining your big toes. For better support and relaxed posture, place a pillow under your stomach, and let your body rest on it. It gives your spine rest and releases tension from it.



As the name itself suggests, you support your legs against a nearby wall. However, to gain better flexibility, place your hips as close to the wall as possible. Moreover, keep your legs straight to stretch your hamstring muscles.

You can even place soft support under your lower back if you feel some discomfort. Being aware of your breathing while keeping your legs up the wall helps you to sleep fast in 5 minutes.

When you make a routine and be consistent with it, your body adapts to a new way of living. Regular practice repairs your sleeping cycles and releases stress and anxiety from your psyche.

Apart from yoga asanas, practicing deep breathing exercises lower you into a state of sleepiness. Breath is the life-force that channelize your energy throughout the body. Moreover, you can also practice guided meditation for sleep that can help you to sleep fast in 5 minutes.

Thus, incorporating yoga into your life can heal your sleeping issues, and facilitate you with enhanced sleeping habits.