How to Start Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for beginners

Starting meditation could be a weary task. Most people have no idea how or what to do while practicing meditation. Thus, they remain abstained from unfolding their minds. If you are looking for a way to practice meditation daily, you can join the meditation for beginners program.

Meditation practice is one of the best approaches to calm your mind and to get rid of stress. The following points can help you start meditation practice without any fuss. Keep reading.

Tips To Practice Meditation for Beginners

Start Slow

You will not be becoming a master on the very first day itself. Thus, you are advised to start slow. That being said, you can spend most of your time relaxing your mind when you start practicing meditation.

It is very obvious that you won’t be able to sit for long hours. Thus, you can start by practicing meditation for two to five minutes daily. It helps you build a habit of practicing meditation for longer hours overtime.

Count Your Breaths

Don’t know how to start a meditation practice? Relax and count breaths. That’s it. Bring your awareness to your breath and keep it there for as long as possible.

Naturally, your mind wanders here and there. Do not worry about that. Just focus on in and out motion of your breath. It is a perfect meditation technique for beginners. Make sure you breathe naturally while focusing on your breath.

Scan Your Body

In case you find it hard to focus on your breaths, you can try scanning your body. That means you can bring your attention to different parts of your body.

It is up to you whether you start from your head or toes. Before jumping right off to practice meditation for beginners, you must calm your mind. After that, scanning your body becomes very easy since everything in your mind is calm and composed.

Control Wandering Mind

Your mind is generally referred to as ‘Monkey Mind’ in the Chinese yoga philosophy. It is so because of the habit of your mind to never settle on a single thing. While practicing meditation for beginners, you might experience your mind hopping from one thought to the other.

You need not force anything. All you have to do is to revert your mind to where you want it to be. Therefore, just restart what you were doing before zoning out or getting lost in your mental chatter.


Everyone has a dream or a desire they wanted to fulfill. One of the best methods to manifest your desires is to visualize them.

In simple language, you can imagine your desired reality while practicing meditation for beginners. Therefore, it helps in creating a clear reality out of your blurred image. Thus, visualization can help you imagine all the possible outcomes of your dream.

Choose A Peaceful Location

It takes months to be able to practice meditation anywhere and anytime. Thus, to begin meditation for beginners, you must choose a silent and peaceful location. Also, you can choose a dark place to practice meditation.

Sitting in a silent place helps you focus more on your thoughts. Thus, you can have better insight into your psyche that can help you tap into your true potential.

Seek Help

Even great yoga masters were once novice yoga practitioners. They trained for years and got help from their teachers. Therefore, if you feel stuck and confused, you can approach a yoga master.

In case a yoga teacher is not available at your disposal, you can turn to fellow yoga and meditation practitioners. This way, you can openly exchange your ideas or problems and can search for solutions.

Summing Up

Meditation helps to curb negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Moreover, you get rid of mental stress, anxiety, and mental instability. Thus, practicing meditation for beginners can help your turn your life towards greater heights. Make meditation a routine and experience bliss and cheerfulness becoming a part of your life.

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