How To Start Practice Meditation For Stress

Meditation for Stress

Meditation has been there for thousands of years. When it comes to attaining mental peace, nothing comes at par with meditation. As a beginner, meditation can open a door to a whole new world of opportunities. You become calm and a patient being when you incorporate meditation for stress in your life.

Don’t know how to practice meditation? Worry not! Follow the below-mentioned tips to practice meditation. Read on.

Tips to Practice Meditation For Stress

Find a Comfortable Place

To practice meditation for stress, you need a silent and comfortable place. The aim is to bring your attention within.

That is why you need to find a place where you feel at peace. This way, you no longer get disturbed by the surrounding noises. Moreover, it is suggested that you find a cool and dark place to practice meditation.

Sit Silently

As a beginner, you can start with sitting in a crossed leg position. Make sure you keep your spine straight while practicing meditation.

The purpose of sitting straight is to initiate a free flow of energy. That way, you learn to calm your thoughts without forcing things on your mind. Moreover, sitting silently helps you listen to your soul. Hence, you feel at ease, calm, and patient. You can try sleep meditation to not just relax but also enjoy deep sleep after a tiring day at work.

Practice Mindfulness

It is the practice of bringing your awareness within you for an extended period. You form an awareness of your surrounding. This way, your focus remains on what is going at hand rather than getting entangled in your thoughts.

Practicing mindfulness further helps to calm your mind by pulling you out of mental chaos. Thus, you feel much better, less stressed, and anxious.

Focus On Your Breath

Breathing is an involuntary action done by your body. It is a perfect tool to practice meditation for stress. All you need to do is sit comfortably and bring your focus on your breath.

You do not have to force breathing to go a certain way. Rather, you have to let go of any resistance while breathing in and out. That way, you can just concentrate on the in and out motion of your breath.

Hence, after some time, your mind adapts to the flow of your breath and makes you calm and at peace.


It is a technique that can be loosely defined as to imagine. Thus, you need to imagine your desire or dream in life. Your mind has no idea what is imaginary or real. If you are feeling the same emotions and feelings when you visualize, your mind will react accordingly.

Hence, you enter a state of pure consciousness that helps you visualize your future. If you are stressed, you can imagine being relaxed. Thus, it helps you let go of your negative emotions and feelings.

Chant Mantras/ Affirmations

In case you find it utterly hard to focus on your breath, you can use the mantra chanting. You can choose a mantra or affirmation that goes perfectly with your situation. It will be much easier to focus on what you speak while chanting mantras.

The vibrations generated from chanting mantras can help you raise your awareness. Thus, you feel relaxed and calm.


You can follow the above-mentioned tips to practice meditation for stress with ease. This way, you learn to dive into your unconscious. Over time, you learn how to consciously tap into your psyche to calm your mind.

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