How Yoga Nidra Can Benefit You With Restful Sleep

How Yoga Nidra Can Benefit You With Restful Sleep

Sleep is the basic need of the human body and the lack of it can result in various health issues and result in overall degradation in physical and mental health. Almost everyone finds it hard to fall asleep the very moment they lie on the bed. From twisting and tuning in the bed at night to feeling tired and restless in the day, the joy of life loses its significance.

However, practicing yoga might be beneficial for you if you are experiencing the same discomfort related to sleep. Anyone practicing yoga for a while might have heard about sleep yoga and how it is the ultimate way to have better sleep. Feel free to read the following to know about the benefits of sleep yoga.

Life-Changing Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga for Everybody

Various yoga poses are reserved for expert practitioners. Therefore, you should not consider advanced yoga poses if you are a beginner. But yogic sleep is one of those yoga poses anyone can practice, regardless of sex, age, and body type. With easy and basic yoga poses, sleep yoga is perfect for you even if you have never ever practiced yoga in your life.

Heals Past Traumas

Your subconscious is being played while you sleep. Through practicing Yoga Nidra, you learn to get along with deep-rooted desires, emotions, and feelings. It heals you from your past traumas which might have ghosted you and affected your sleep. Also, reliving the old memories also disturbs the natural sleeping patterns of the body. Therefore, practicing yoga for sleep help in flushing out the hidden vices and purifies your mind and soul.

Reduces Stress and Pain

No doubt the technological advancements have made the working life a bit flexible but have also introduced stress and tension into our personal lives. With the continuous increase of stress, anxiety, you suffer from anger issues, lower energy levels, and much more. But with yogic sleep, your body relaxes under the guided meditation and goes into a deep meditative sleep. It heals you from chronic pain and various health issues.

Heals Insomnia and Improves Sleep

Since you will be attaining a deep state of awareness and relaxation, you reboot your body to its natural state. In turn, not only your quality of sleep improves but also you heal from any chance of insomnia. With continuous practice of sleep yoga, you recover much faster, and also the time to fall asleep decreases to a greater degree.

Mental Peace

When you practice yoga for sleep, especially at a Yoga Nidra retreat center, you undergo self-realization. Through the use of various breathing techniques, you learn how to be aware of the present moment and break the mind chatter going within your head.

Spiritual Awakening

Apart from the physical benefits that the Yoga Nidra retreat has for you, you also undergo a spiritual journey. While practicing yoga for sleep, you dive deeper into your unconscious and get to know about the deep desires hovering in the deep corners of your psyche. You attain mental peace, a state of bliss, and clarity of mind. You gain a new perspective and develop a better connection with the surrounding people and things.

Keeping in mind all the benefits that you can have from practicing yoga for sleep, choosing a Yoga Nidra retreat could be a life-changing decision for you. It has wide-ranging benefits and is not limited to a single aspect of life.

Incorporating regular yoga practice enhances your overall being and provides you with deeper insight into life. It can completely transform your life and provide you with an easy flowing life.


Ques 1) How do you do Yoga Nidra?

Ans) To do Yoga Nidra, lie on your back and let go of everything. Make sure you remain conscious of yourself rather than sleeping it off. Thus, Yoga Nidra helps you have a better quality of sleep. Also, you must learn how to completely relax your body so that you remain unaffected by external factors.

Ques 2) What happens if you fall asleep during Yoga Nidra?

Ans) You can fall asleep while practicing Yoga Nidra. It won’t lead to any complications. The only drawback would be that will not remain conscious of your physical and mental dimension. Hence, you can’t have the most out of your meditation practice. Therefore, it is advised that you do not sleep while practicing meditation.

Ques 3) Is yoga nidra better than sleep?

Ans) Both the entities are different in their respective domains. Sleeping leads to total relaxation of your body. It further helps in restarting your mind and body. Yoga Nidra on the other hand helps you relax your mind consciously. Therefore, you are not totally dozing off. Hence, you utilize your time in Yoga Nidra. With all these differences, still both are important in the respective place.