How Yoga Practice Heals Sleep Issues

How Yoga Practice Heals Sleep Issues

With constantly indulging in work life, people are being drifted away from a healthy mind and body. The consequences of such a busy lifestyle are that they experience sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, and tension in their body. If you are also feeling the same, you can heal yourself the moment you start practicing yoga, which will heal your body and mind from various health issues. Be it irregular sleeping patterns or whether you are experiencing insomnia, yogic sleep sits perfectly in your yoga practice.

Sleep yoga is a meditative state which goes beyond mere relaxation and takes you into a realm of deep sleep and peace. You can either perform it yourself or practice yoga under a knowledgeable yoga instructor. It enables you to sleep while being constantly aware of your body, breathing, and thoughts. To know more about the positive outcomes of the yoga practice, read the following points.

Life-Changing Benefits of Yoga for Sleep

1. Better Quality of Sleep

People face many problems when it comes to having a sound sleep. With guided mediation for sleep, you become aware of your body to the deepest level and form better relationships with your body. You experience a deep state of relaxation which makes you free of every negative emotion stuck in your unconscious. With the flushing out of every toxic from your body through practicing sleep yoga, you will have a better quality of sleep.

2. Revive the Mind and Body

Sleep plays a vital role in the overall functioning of the body. It refills your energy levels and balances the mind and the body back to their natural state of being. Having Yoga Nidra training from an experienced and certified yoga trainer makes you a master of your sleep and further, increases the pace of having a quality sleep. With enough practice, you might be able to relax certain muscles whenever you wish to. You develop better reflex actions and less response time by practicing yoga.

3. Calm and Peace Arises

Through guided meditation practice, you reach a deep mental state with a constant awareness of your body. You feel calmness engulfing you, making you more composed. Even under tiresome situations, you maintain your cool and look out for the solution rather than panicking over the issue. The constant state of bliss is one of many outcomes of yoga for sleep, bringing a deeper change and satisfaction to your attitude.

4. Better Thinking Power

Restoring your sleep cycle to its natural pace provides you with better sleep in the shortest period. It leads to better functioning of the mind and optimizes the relationship between mind and body. You make rational decisions and have better intuitive power. There will be clarity of mind and thoughts, which in turn provides you with better insight into your life.

5. Overall Growth of Life

Yogic sleep is a form of yoga suitable for all age groups, which can be performed even by children. There will be an enhancement in love, empathy, and caring attitude in you. The balance between your work and personal life is restored after you make yoga practice your daily routine. It results in the overall growth of your life, from better concentration power to greater physical health.

There seem endless benefits of yoga practice for you once you start practicing yoga. The flexibility of incorporating yoga into your daily routine provides you with enough time to work upon your overall growth. hence, implementing yoga practice in everyday life ensures your well-being in every sphere of your life. Not only yoga practice ensures your physical health but also makes you mentally and spiritually sound.


Ques 1) Is doing yoga before bed good?

Ans) Yes! Practicing yoga helps in relaxing muscles and the mind. Therefore, when you practice yoga before bed, your body is relaxed and your mind calm. Hence, you won’t find any difficulty in falling asleep. Moreover, it also enhances the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you must practice yoga before going to bed.

Ques 2) How can yoga help you sleep?

Ans) Yoga practice relieves mental tension that can ultimately affect your sleep. Moreover, practicing yoga and other yogic practices ensures you remain calm and composed. Hence, over time, you can enjoy perfect sleep and can fall asleep the moment you get on the bed.

Ques 3) Can we sleep in Savasana?

Ans) Yes! You can sleep in Savasana. In fact, the practice of Savasana yoga poses is to help you enjoy a better quality of sleep. Since your body is at rest, it helps in relaxing every muscle of your body. Thus, Savasana works in your favor if you want to fall asleep easily.