Looking for the Best Guided Meditation for Better Sleep?

Looking for the Best Guided Meditation for Better Sleep?

Guided Meditation for Sleep — Can’t you sleep to the fullest because of trouble while sleeping? Well, you’re not alone facing the problem. It has been found that 30 to 40 percent of individuals (adults especially!) are facing issues while sleeping. However, 10-15 percent are suffering from intense insomnia. Well, worry not! There is some good news for those who are not able to have enough sleep. This article covers some guided meditation for sleep to help people have better sleep. So, let’s make you familiar with ins and outs of meditation for sleep yoga.

Before delving deep into the topic, let’s first understand what the guided meditation is. Read on.

What is Guided Meditation For Sleep?

guided meditation for sleep is a meditation practice when an expert or instructor leads you. You might be informed about how to focus on all parts of your body. Like other meditation forms, guided meditation for sleep will help you move your mind away from worries and relax your body so that you can easily drift off to sleep at night.

Best Guided Meditations for Sleep

  • Deep Relaxation: As the name implies, deep relaxation meditation helps individuals calm both their minds and body. During this meditation, a soothing voice and music guide a student which helps him/her deeply relax the body and have a better sleep.
  • Binaural Beats: This is another meditation technique that helps in slowing down the brain activity of an individual and make him/her feel sleepy. Best of all, binaural beats meditation not only promotes sleep but also reduces the pain that may be forcing you to not having a proper sleep.
  • Guided Meditation with Hypnosis: With the practice of this meditation for sleep yoga, experts help sleeping stragglers to reprogram their subconscious mind and help them sleep. It is recommended that you join a well-knowledgeable school like Meditation for sleep center Rishikesh for the practice of this guided meditation type.

Doing the practice of this meditation type will help you change your thoughts and opinion about sleep and help you fight anxiety and stress.

Additional Tips

  • If you want to get a full night’s sleep without any hindrance, then the following are some additional tips for you.
  • Try to limit using smartphones or electronic devices showing blue light before 1 hour of going to bed.
  • Make a sleeping and wake-up schedule, and follow the same each night and each morning.
  • If you have windows in your room, then it is better to make use of dark blinds, especially if you are going to bed for having slept at odd hours.
  • Make sure the temperature of your room is cooler or warmer as per the weather conditions. For instance, if there is scorching heat outside, then maintaining a cooler temp can help you enjoy better sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water each day and add doing meditation practice to your daily routine.
  • Comfort yourself before going to bed by wearing loose and breathable clothing.

Final Thought

Guided meditation for sleep is really helpful if you are facing a problem while sleeping at night. With the proper and regular practice of meditation for sleep, you would be able to slow your racing mind. If you are looking for joining the best-guided meditation, then you can join a Yoga Nidra teacher training Rishikesh.

We wish you enjoy long-term health and wellness of mind!


Ques 1) Is it bad to fall asleep while meditating?

Ans) No! However, you need to understand that sleeping while meditating is going to lessen or diminish the benefits of meditation. Further, sleeping makes you unconscious while meditation makes you conscious. Therefore, to have better results, it is suggested that you do no fall asleep while practicing meditation.

Ques 2) Are you supposed to think while meditating?

Ans) You can not stop thinking because it covers an involuntary action. Further, you can simply shift your focus from one thing going on in your mind to another. Therefore, there is no harm if you end up thinking while meditating. Furthermore, meditation practice is going to help you stay aware of what is going on within you.

Ques 3) How do I go deeper into meditation?

Ans) To go deeper while practicing meditation, you can develop a laser focus. Once you develop that, you can experiment with different forms of meditation practices. Choose the one that perfectly suits you. Once you can practice meditation for longer, you can learn how to silent your mind. Thus, a silent mind can direct your awareness to move deeper within you.