Top 6 Root Chakra Yoga Poses For Beginners

root chakra yoga poses

Are you aware of the Root chakra? Do you know balancing your Root chakra balances your life? The Root chakra fills your life with contentment and inner peace. More than that, it also makes you emotionally stable. However, its balance disrupts over time. Hence, practicing Root chakra yoga poses become important.

We have prepared a list of some of the best Root chakra yoga poses for you. Make sure you go through them so that you know how to balance the Root chakra. Without wasting more time, let us get through them and enhance your knowledge. Read on.

Best Root Chakra Yoga Poses

Child’s Pose

Child pose

Complete relaxation is the key to activating and balancing your Root chakra. That is possible when you practice the Child’s pose. It helps you feel grounded and balanced. Moreover, it offers you a perfect opportunity to surrender and let go.

To begin with, sit on your shin. However, make sure your feet are a few inches apart from each other. Let your hips rest on your calves. Slowly bend forward and place your head on the ground in front of you. For better comfort, fold your arms and place them under your head. Breathe into your belly to decompress your back muscles and Root chakra.

Deep Squat Position

deep squat pose

One of the best Root chakra yoga poses to feel closer to the Earth is the deep squat position. Therefore, it plays an important role in calming your breathing and mind. Also, it makes your lower back, ankles, and feet stronger when you sit deep on your feet.

To do this pose, stand straight and widen out your legs. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Bring your hands in front of your chest and join them in Namaste position. Slowly turn your knees out and lower your hips. Go as low as you can while keeping your back straight. Be in this position for a few breaths and repeat a few more times.

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Standing Forward Bend

standing forward bend

The Standing Forward Bend pose calms your mind. Moreover, it relaxes your body by relieving you from mental clutter. Hence, it is one of the best Root chakra yoga poses for its activation and balance. Bring your hands in front of your chest and cross your arms. Erect your arms and slowly bend forward.

Make sure you do not lock out your legs. Shift all the pressure on your hamstrings and hips. Let your body bend as far as it can without tumbling over. It helps in activating and stretching the nerve present around your groin.

Cobra Pose

cobra pose

Have you ever felt a stretch in your lower abdomen? If not, practice the Cobra pose. It stretches your lower back, lower abdomen, groin, and the area around your inner thighs. Hence, it is one of the best Root chakra yoga poses for its activation.

Furthermore, it relieves stress and tension from your shoulder blades and neck region. This increases the blood flow to your brain. It increases the efficiency of your mind and body.

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Front Lunge

front lunge pose

One of the best ways to activate the Root chakra is to stretch the surrounding area. For that, the Front Lunge pose serves you the best. It works on the psoas and the quad muscles. All these muscles come in handy in a fight or flight scenario.

Therefore, working on these muscles helps in balancing the Root chakra. The quads, psoas, and inner thighs are connected to the Root chakra point. Hence, it is one of the best Root chakra yoga poses. Just make sure you keep your spine erect while practicing this pose.

Easy Pose

easy pose

Where intensity fails, calmness prevails. With that motto, the Easy pose is one of the Root chakra yoga poses. Sitting with your legs crossed gives you direct access to the Root chakra. However, while practicing this pose, you use your mind.

Beware of where your attention flows and try to calm your abdomen as much as possible. Further, squeeze your muscles as if you are trying to stop yourself from urinating. These directly activate your Root chakra.

Wrap Up

Different Root chakra yoga poses help you target this energy point from different directions. Hence, it makes your practice adventurous and entertaining. Just make sure you practice each yoga pose perfectly. Be consistent with your practice to have the best results over time.

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