Sleep Disorders: Reasons, Effects, and How to Cure

Sleep Disorders: Reasons, Effects, and How to Cure

Sleep disorders have become a common scene in contemporary times. Whether some health problem has affected your sleep or you are stressing a lot, irregular sleep or insomnia could be something that might impact your life. In case you are looking for a natural way to heal your health issues, you can practice yoga for sleep

With its amazing and life-long benefits, yoga has transformed millions of lives. It has been reported that almost one-third of adults in the US are sleeping less than 7 hours in 24 hours, suffering from various sleeping disorders.

Before moving on, you must know about various types of health issues that occur due to restlessness, and then, find it easy to select an appropriate yoga style.

Types of Sleep Disorders

In this, you feel unable to sleep or goes without any sleep. The reason could be stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, jet lag, or other various elements that play their part. Some even suffer from extreme insomnia where they are not able to sleep for many days.

Sleep Apnea
It is an extreme medical condition in which you experience pauses in breathing while sleeping. In turn, you inhale less oxygen, causing your body to wake, every now and then, throughout the night.

This is a case where your body does abnormal movements and acts differently while sleeping. Various things that you might do could be sleepwalking, screaming or groaning, wetting the bed, and much more.

This could be quite opposite to insomnia where you get ‘sleep attacks’ and you fall asleep without any warning, no matter whether you are in bed or working out in the open. Such disorder could turn fatal if you are driving or are working in a sensitive zone.

Reasons for various Sleep Disorders

Stress & Anxiety
Stress affects your natural sleep cycles more than anything and leaves you anxious over petty matters. Overthinking also makes you nervous about various outcomes and doesn’t let your brain have proper sleep.

Frequent Urination
Also known as Nocturia, it is a condition in which your sleep breaks because of the need to urinate frequently at night. It could be caused by hormonal imbalances or might be a side effect of some medication.

Breathing Problem
If you are suffering from a cold, cough, or any other respiratory issues, sleeping might be a difficult task for you. Your body will wake frequently to protect you from any breathing failure, and therefore, doesn’t let you sleep.

Many people across the US are suffering from various allergies, leading to problems while sleeping. It makes breathing a hard-to-win task for them, especially through the nose. Therefore, they are pushed to breathe through the mouth, making the throat sore.

Effects Due to Sleep Disorders

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Lack of Focus
  • Fluctuation in Weight
  • Frequent Headaches

How to Heal Sleep Disorders

Medication might have various side effects and could be an expensive thing for you. However, yoga could be a perfect option for you, which can heal your various issues. Keep reading to know how practicing yoga can change your entire life.

Releases Stress
Practicing sleep meditation makes you mindful of your body and your thoughts, resulting in the release of any stress and tension. You are being provided with mental peace, clarity of thoughts, and in turn, you become better at making decisions rather than mulling over things.

Improves Breathing
When you practice meditation for sleep you use various breathing techniques to calm the nervous system. Further, the oxygen-carrying capacity of your lungs improves with the regular practice of deep breathing techniques.

Heals Insomnia
Various meditations help you form a deep connection with your inner. In turn, you attain a clear vision in your life, eliminating negative emotions and feelings out of your mind. Thus, you feel at ease and have a better quality of sleep.

Wrap Up
Practicing yoga can be a life-changing experience, shoving your life to positivism, peace, and a calm state of being. In case you want to learn yoga for fighting sleeping issues, you can join a yoga teacher training center and get guidance from experienced and certified yoga instructors.

With daily yoga practice, you open up a new dimension within you, providing you with a new way to see things. Finally, you become one with your inner being awaken.


Ques 1) How can I fix my sleeping disorder?

Ans) First of all, you need to restore your sleep cycles. For that, you need to practice meditation. You can start with simple breathing meditation and can level up by practicing Yoga Nidra for Sleep. These practices are going to help you heal all mental or physical ailments that are disturbing your sleep.

Ques 2) Why can’t I sleep even though I’m tired?

Ans) One reason could be that your mind might be restless. So, you are not able to fall asleep even though you are tired. Another reason could be you might be suffering from various sleeping disorders. Thus, you need to learn how to relax your mind first.

Ques 3) How do I get deep sleep?

Ans) To enjoy deep sleep, you need to have a calm and composed might. Another thing you need is a relaxed body. Therefore, you can have both of these through meditation practice. Hence, meditation practice is a perfect choice for you.