Sleep Meditation: An Easy Guide To Nap Peacefully

Sleep Meditation - An Easy Guide To Nap Peacefully

Are you one of the masses suffering from incomplete sleep? Don’t you miss sleeping peacefully? No matter how physically healthy you are, if your mind is lacking proper rest, nothing seems great in life. Thus, a restful and calm mind is the number one priority you need to accomplish. For that, you can practice sleep meditation to silence and balance your mind.

What is Sleep Meditation?

As depicted from the name itself, sleep meditation is a form of meditation that you can practice on the bed. With so much luxury, people are becoming lazy. Thus, sleep meditation can be practiced without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Also, known as yogic sleep, you learn to be aware while sleeping. In turn, you get the opportunity to connect with your unconscious mind, a site of involuntary thoughts or actions. Thus, you learn to control your deepest desires and are able to surface them, so that, they can flush out.

How To Practice Sleep Meditation

Find Your Comfort

Finding a comfortable space and time is really necessary when it comes to having a perfect meditation session. When you practice sleep meditation, make sure to lie down comfortably. Moreover, keep in check to keep your spine in a neutral position to enable an easy flow of energy.

Also, the comfortable position while meditating helps you to focus more on inside mechanisms rather than shifting your posture again and again. Therefore, your concentration won’t be disturbed by the continuous shifting of the body.

Be Mindful

Once you are comfortable, breathe deeply into your stomach as it holds more space for air. Be conscious of the various body parts of your body to deliberately relax them. Moreover, being mindful also brings your focus inside you, so that, you can relax your mind to the next level.

When you are aware of your breath, you learn to go deeper within. Although, it is not like that you won’t be facing any difficulty at first. There comes a number of instances when you get lost in the mental chaos that you forget you are meditating. Thus, over time you become more mindfully present in the moment.

Set An Intention

Setting an intention means to think or visualize anything that you wish to attain or solve. It could be any question that you have been asking yourself for a long or some future related glimpse that you wish that must come true.

When you practice sleep meditation, the intention you set plays a major role and sets a direction to which side your awareness flows. Also, when you are able to go much deeper, you attract thoughts and ideas that help you learn yourself better.

Letting Go

Keeping your focus intact on one thing is never a good idea as a beginner because it bores you and therefore, you might not feel interested again to practice sleep meditation. Also, when you consciously become aware of something, your mind does the hard work.

In turn, you always need some rest, so that, you never feel tired in the process of meditation. Thus, while meditating, you consciously set your mind free to roam in any direction for a limited amount of time. It enables you to not stress about one thing in particular, rather, you always have the authority to control your mind and your intentions.

Sleep Tightly

When you feel as if everything is going great and that you managed to form a strong connection with your inner being for a longer time, there comes a moment that you feel that you are done for the day. In that scenario, you can relax by letting go of the meditation process.

Eventually, you fall asleep and are in a position to enjoy sound sleep for more time. Also, the time you need the very next time to fall asleep shortens to a great degree, which helps you to have adequate rest in less time.

Wrap Up

Though there are many reasons that you might not be aware of that are responsible for your poor sleep, thus, when you practice sleep meditation, you are positioned face to face with every possible scenario for disrupting your sleep.

However, practicing meditation once or twice won’t do any good for you in a long run. Thus, if you want to get all the benefits of sleep meditation, you need to incorporate it into your daily routine, so that, your mind gets into the habit of silencing your mind and body. Thus, over time, you fall asleep instantly the moment you lie on the bed.

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Ques. 1 How do you meditate while sleeping?

Ans. To meditate, make sure you relax your body. Also, choose a dark and cool place to sleep. Further, bring your focus on your breath. Once you do that, keep your focus on your breath and let go of your thoughts. This way, you can easily doze off instantly.

Ques. 2 How can I relax my mind to sleep?

Ans. One of the best techniques to relax your mind is deep breathing and meditation practice. You can further combine both techniques to have faster and long-lasting results.

Ques. 3 How many times a day should I meditate?

Ans. For beginners, once a day can work. However, it is recommended that you do 2 sessions of meditation. This way, you can train your brain to wake and sleep in a raised awareness state.