Sleep Yoga: An Easy Way To Nod Off Easily

sleep yoga an easy way to nod off easily

Are you feeling like your brain is not getting enough rest? Do you always feel fatigued even after sleeping for hours? Don’t worry! You aren’t alone. Almost every third person craves a way that can switch off the mind to allow for sound sleep. Sleep yoga is a sure short way that helps you to sustain a long sleeping cycle with more deep phases.

Even though you might be pulling every hook to calm your mind, but there are fair chances that some shortcomings are always there to disturb the slumber. Thus, staying in bed becomes incompetent even if you need to sleep strongly.

What is Sleep Yoga?

Also known as Yoga Nidra, sleep yoga is a state in which your consciousness hangs between a state of sleepiness and wakefulness. When you practice sleep yoga, you go into a deep meditative state and bring your awareness towards different parts of your body.

The aim of yogic sleep is to make you conscious of your mental and physical state, so that, you remain present at the moment, and never get lost in your mental chatter.

How Sleep Yoga Heals Sleeplessness

The reasons for a person feeling sleepless or suffering insomnia could be many. But on a deeper level, everything seemed connected to feeling stressed or anxious. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to release stress from your mind that is responsible for the anxious feeling that you have to endure.

Have a brief reading of the following to have thorough knowledge about various elements cured when you practice sleep yoga. Read on.

Easy On Mind

Your mind is always super active, be it during the day or the night. Thus, it becomes a dire need to provide it the adequate rest, so that, it can function proficiently. Practicing sleep yoga improves your control over your mind.

When you practice sleep meditation, you always focus on calming your mind. Moreover, you always seek to dive deeper into your unconscious because it is a site of pure creativity. Once you get in touch with your hidden desires or talents, you can walk towards achieving great bouts of creativity.

Calm Your Nerves

When you have racing thoughts, you always hop off from one thought to the other, leaving you worried and anxious. Moreover, you care about outer working or functioning, and never pay much attention to what goes inside of you.

However, practicing sleep yoga works like a wonder for you. At the very best, you gain saintly patience that ensures you never lash out automatically under the influence of your aggressive or bad reaction. Also, you become a good observer and learn to remain unaffected deeply by the outside consequences.

Letting Go

Holding on to past memories or guilty pleasures or mistakes can never allow moving forward in life. Rather, you will always be circling around in your thoughts, always reliving the old emotions and memories.
When you practice sleep yoga, you come to terms with your old memories. It might not be an easy task but worth undertaking. Once you accept that what happened cannot be undone, you move towards accepting your action and learn to let go.

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Confronting Fears

You can never achieve great feats in your life if you have fear in your heart. It doesn’t mean that you need to be totally reckless. There is a fine line between being courageous and foolish. Practicing sleep yoga help you understand the difference.

Moreover, you learn to flush out unwanted fears from your inner self, making you much stronger in compromising situations.

Quicker Nodding Off

Sleeping off is always difficult if you are always accompanied by thoughts that you wish should never be there. Therefore, your overall sleep cycles get disrupted, making your sleep short and ineffective. Practicing sleep yoga ensures you get free from mental chatter, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, the time required for you to fall asleep shorten by a great degree along with more deep sleep.

Wrap Up

Sleep is necessary to help your body to restore to its natural flow which otherwise got affected by everyday heckle. Practicing sleep yoga makes sure you never go off track by getting entangled in everyday affairs.

Yoga Nidra training can help you get through the process, so that, you have a knowledgeable approach to a better life.

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Ques. 1 How does yoga help with sleep?

Ans. Practicing yoga on a regular basis relaxes your body, calms your mind, and boosts your energy. Further, yoga practice restores your energy cycles. Hence, you can sleep better rather than changing sides the whole night.

Ques. 2 Can we sleep in Savasana?

Ans. Yes! You can sleep in Savasana. Moreover, while practicing this pose, your body and mind are relaxed to the maximum degree. Thus, you enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Ques. 3 Is stretching before sleep good?

Ans. Stretching removes any stress or tension ingrained in your body. When you stretch before going to sleep, it relaxes you. Hence, you can sleep better without any worry. Further, it improves the quality of your sleep.

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