The 6 Secrets To How You Can Become A Yoga Instructor

become a yoga instructor

Do you want to advance in your understanding of yoga? Dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher? If yes, you should start preparing to become a yoga instructor to make this dream a reality. Although becoming a yoga teacher offers you a lot of in-depth knowledge about yoga. It also comes with a greater responsibility towards those who come to learn this sacred art from you.

To become a certified yoga instructor, you have to be ready to spend a considerable amount of time and money. The training will be a bit more challenging than your home yoga practice, but it will be worth the effort. Unfortunately, many yoga practitioners think that becoming a yoga instructor requires just finding a place to practice the numerous yoga asanas and techniques. To help you prepare for the challenges of yoga teacher training, yoga experts have come up with a small guide.

Crucial Elements to Become a Yoga Instructor 

This small guide will provide you the six secrets to prepare mentally and physically for yoga instructor training.

1. Patience & Persistence are the Keys

Remember, popularity that comes overnight also disappears overnight. With yoga, it is the same as you have a lot to do when it comes to being the top yoga instructor. Although you will come across stories of overnight success. But, there is a secret behind that – consistency, long-term hard work, patience, and persistence in the face of challenges.

Persistence! Now that is something you should be ready to work hard on to become a yoga instructor. Yoga might be an ancient art but there is a lot more you have to learn to become an expert. Remember, you cannot learn everything in a single session. It will take patience as well as a lot of practice to get there.

2. Fight Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is normal and it affects even the best yoga instructors from time to time. However, the only difference between them becoming an instructor and those giving up is the fight. Yes! To become a yoga instructor, you have to fight your physical and mental limitations. In other words, do not let fear of the unknown paralyze your zeal to become the best yoga instructor.

3. Be a Problem Solver

During yoga asana practice in the yoga instructor training, you might not be able to pull off a challenging yoga technique. Do not fret as it is normal. However, the key to success lies in not giving up and finding a solution.

Do not look for an excuse to give up on your dreams to become a yoga instructor, rather find a solution. This is exactly what will keep your career thriving as a certified yoga instructor and make you stand out from the rest.

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4. Never Give Up Learning

Remember, even though you might earn the yoga instructor certification, it is not the end and be all. Yoga is an ancient art that goes way deeper into your physical and mental being. Hence, there is no doubt that it has a lot to offer.

For you to stay ahead of other yoga instructors, you should keep learning and updating your knowledge of this field. Even as a yoga instructor, there is a lot to learn about this ancient art. Yoga experts recommend you should go through numerous scientific and medical studies and yoga literature to become the best.

5. Be Ready to Serve

An exceptional yoga instructor is much more than someone with knowledge of yoga. They are able to relate to the students in their class. In short, as a yoga teacher, you have to relate to every student coming to learn yoga from you, whether it be a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner.

Remember, your success as a yoga guru depends on how much the students in your class are willing to come back to learn from you again. Do not rush after money, it will follow soon. First, you have to connect with the students on an individual level.

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6. Do No Run After Popularity

Did you make the decision of becoming a certified yoga teacher to bring a positive change into other’s lives or gather social media fans? Remember, to become a yoga instructor is not about gathering a following. You are here to help others evolve on a mental and spiritual level.

7. Yoga Alliance Certification

The most important thing that is going to be around you for a long time is the certification of your yoga instructor course. In the yoga world, every yogi is well aware of the significance of the Yoga Alliance. So, whenever you wish to take the first step to become a certified yoga teacher, just go with the Yoga Alliance certification course.

From training to after-service, the Yoga Alliance has no comparison in the field. So, it is advised that you should join a Yoga Alliance certified course only.

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8. Registered Yoga School

Just like Yoga Alliance certification is important, getting your training from a registered yoga school plays an equally important role. Moreover, the yoga school of your choice should be registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Thus, it increases the chances of having genuine yoga in the most affordable and comfortable environment. Moreover, the level of service that you get at a registered yoga school is of supreme quality. Hence, it should be on your priority list when you step up to become a yoga instructor.

9. Yoga Teacher Training

You cannot become a certified yoga instructor without joining a yoga course. So, another important element is having the right yoga teacher training course. You are free to choose from 200 hour, 300 hour, and 500 hour yoga teacher training courses.

Just make sure you fall under the right category of yoga experience to join a particular course. Moreover, you should join a yoga teacher training course in which you think it will be easier for you to connect with your classmates.

All the three elements mentioned above play a crucial role in your journey of becoming a yoga instructor. Make sure you don’t compromise on any one of them to have a successful career in yoga.


Do you want to advance your knowledge of yoga to another level? Becoming a yoga instructor is on the charts for you. This provides you a unique opportunity to not just learn but also help others understand this ancient art. You should start looking for a certified yoga school to become a yoga teacher and stand out.

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