Top Sleep Yoga Asanas To Make You Yawn

Top Sleep Yoga Asanas To Make You Yawn

Are you hustling in bed to sleep? Have you ever felt tired but still not able to fall asleep? No matter what you are going through, sleep yoga heals all your sleep issues, sleep disorders, and mental health issues.

However, before you dig deeper into the matter, you should get a brief idea about various elements of sleep yoga. It helps you to form a better image in your head about the things you are going to deal with. Scroll down to have a brief reading.

What is Sleep Yoga?
The present lifestyle believes that sacrificing your sleep for the sake of work or night outs makes you cool. However, sleep is the most important element in your lifestyle. Sleep yoga helps you to get better quality of sleep.

When you practice meditation for sleep, you practice deep meditation practices, guided meditation for sleep, and much more, to clear off any baggage from your psyche. Since physical movements release hormones that reduce stress and anxiety, you relax physically as well.

Top Sleep Yoga Asana For Better Sleep

Sleeping Swan Pose

Stretching relaxes your body and signals the brain to relax as well. Moreover, when you complement proper breathing with stretching poses, you have a calming and soothing effect on your nervous system.sleeping swan

To begin with, sit on a yoga mat. Slowly bend your left knee and bring the sole of your left foot towards the right inner thigh. Gently lift your hips and walk the right leg to the back to fully extend it. While balancing your weight in the center, slowly hinge your hips forward and place your head on your arms or use a pillow in front of you.

Extend your arms to the front and keep your elbows slightly bent. Sit for a few moments and change the leg after some time. It is a great sleep yoga pose for better sleep.

Standing Forward Bend

Nothing relaxes you better than a decompressed spine. Moreover, the lower body undergoes stress, and forward bending releases the tension inscribed in the spine and the muscles surrounding the area.standing forward bend

To start with, stand on a yoga mat with your feet a few inches apart. Align your torso in a line with your spine, and slowly bend forward. Also, it is up to you whether you want to extend your arms over your head before bending forward, or you want to let loose your arms by your side.

If possible, try to touch the ground before you, or hang in there for as long as possible. Keep in check that your legs are straight and locked out.

Lizard Pose

Hips joints get stiff when you sit for long hours, and stretching them becomes highly important. Lower back and hamstrings muscles are stretched to help you relax your lower body.lizard pose

Stand on your feet and gently bend forward to place your hands on the ground. Slowly take a long stride with your right leg and place your right foot by the side of your right hand. Once your foot is by your side, slowly place your elbows to the ground to have a deeper stretch in your hips and hamstring muscles.

Keep your neck relaxed, and don’t force your body beyond its limit in the very first go. With this sleep yoga pose, you can stretch and have a deeper relaxation of the muscles.

Bridge Pose

You need to create a balance in your body to have overall wellness. Bridge pose improves your core muscles and the strength of your shoulders. Also, it works on your hamstrings as well.Bridge pose

Lie on your back and keep your arms and legs by your side. Slowly fold your legs, and place the sole of your feet on the ground. With a gentle push, lift your legs towards the ceiling while keeping your spine in a straight line. Engage your hips, hamstrings, and core muscles to work on every muscle of your body.

Seated Side Bend

Side bending initiates the side movement of your spine, so that, instead of forward and backward movement, your spine becomes flexible sideways too.

Seated side bendBegin with sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, and extend your arms towards your side. Keep your shoulders still, and engage your core muscles while lowering your arm to your side. Repeat the motion on the other side, and complete a few repetitions.

Happy Baby

There is nothing better than a completely weight-less body. Happy baby pose provides you the feeling of a light body, and further releases any stress or tension building in your body. It is one of the restorative sleep yoga poses.Happy baby

Lie down on your back, and gently raise your legs and arms towards the ceiling. Slowly fold your legs and place your knees on your stomach. Extend your arms and get hold of your big toes. Simply lie there while breathing deeply to loosen up a bit.

Corpse Pose

End your yoga session with corpse pose. It helps you encounter your deeper self, relax your mind, get rid of any stressful or anxious thoughts, and provide you a clear vision.Corpse pose

Simply lie down on your back and place your hands by your side. Let lose your body, so that, it can relax completely. Focus on your breath to become aware of the sensation of your body.


Practicing various yoga poses ensures you have a great body that indirectly affects your mental mood. It further enhances the release of stress-relieving hormones, pushing you more towards relaxation. Once you make sleep yoga a routine, you witness an improvement in your overall health.