Vipassana Meditation For Beginners: Everything You Should Know

Vipassana Meditation for beginners

Vipassana meditation for beginners– The art of focusing on your mind and relaxing your body is roughly known as meditation. There are numerous types of meditation practices suited for every person out there. From a plethora of meditation practices, Vipassana meditation is one of the most practiced forms of meditation. The simplicity and straightforward approach make Vipassana meditation for beginners unique.

Before rolling further to know how to practice Vipassana meditation, let’s first understand what is Vipassana meditation. Then you can move on to simple tips to choose the best Vipassana meditation center. Moreover, check out the reasons why India should be on your list to practice Vipassana meditation. Read on

What is Vipassana Meditation For Beginners?

What is Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana came from an ancient Buddhist language known as Pali which roughly means ‘seeing things as they are’. Hence, Vipassana meditation for beginners deals with the observation of thoughts as they are. However, you learn not to judge or interact with them.

Your sole focus while practicing the Vipassana meditation is to be mindful of your thoughts rather than confronting them. Vipassana meditation is different from other forms of meditation in terms of the use of other props.

However, the classical practice of Vipassana meditation talks about focusing on your breath along with letting go of negative emotions or feelings. This creates a space for abundance and prosperity within you so that you live a peaceful and prosperous life.

How to Do Vipassana Meditation?

Are you new to Vipassana meditation practice? Worry not! Check out the following steps that are going to direct you on how to do Vipassana meditation. Read on.

TIP: Before beginning your practice, make sure to have at least 15-20 minutes on your hand. This ensures you do not practice Vipassana meditation for beginners in a hurry.

  • Choose a place with minimum distractions. A distant place or a room at the far end of your house could be a place to practice Vipassana meditation.
  • Sit on the ground with legs crossed, spine straight, and core engaged. If you find it hard to sit straight, make sure you have some support.
  • Close your eyes and breathe in full and deep into your stomach.
  • Exhale slowly without letting go of your core or breath in an instant
  • .Bring your attention to your breath without missing any breath. Make sure you inhale and exhale deep into your stomach.
  • In case you get distracted, simply revert your attention to your breath.
  • You can also use your imagination to think about something that inspires or hooks your attention.
  • Ensure that you remain in the meditative state for the longest time possible on your end.
    When you feel it become easier for you to practice 15 minutes, gradually increase the time to meditate.

The chances are you might not concentrate better at the house while practicing Vipassana meditation. Relax! That is normal. In that case, you can choose to enroll in the Vipassana meditation center. However, there are some points that you need to keep in check before selecting a Vipassana meditation center. Read on to know more about them.

Tips to Choose the Best Vipassana Meditation Center

best vipassana meditation center

Yoga Certification

The first and the most important thing that you should be aware of is the yoga certification. Every Vipassana meditation center is affiliated with a particular authority. Hence, when you want to join a Vipassana meditation center, make sure you confirm its yoga certification.

Expert yoga practitioners suggest that you should enroll in a meditation center that is certified by the Yoga Alliance. This ensures you have all the facilities when it comes to yoga practice. Moreover, Yoga Alliance supports you even after the completion of your course.


Vipassana meditation for beginners requires you to practice in a serene and peaceful environment. Therefore, a quiet and peaceful location should be your priority when you select a Vipassana meditation center. So, you are advised to choose a place richly abundant with nature.

A few examples could be mountains, riverbanks, forests, valleys, caves, and much more. Choosing a location settled in nature automatically takes you closer to the divine Universe. Hence, you won’t have to spend more time jostling with your mind and mending it to walk a certain way.

Certified Yoga Masters

Another crucial point that you should be aware of while choosing a Vipassana meditation center is the availability of certified yoga teachers. A teacher is going to influence your whole practice session. Moreover, a perfect teacher will explain to you different concepts in utter easiness.

That is why you should look for certified yoga teachers. This ensures that you practice Vipassana meditation under the guidance of learned scholars. Yoga Alliance certified teachers have years of experience and knowledge that they will share with you. So, it is important to have a teacher with whom you resonate the best.

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Food is an essential part when you walk the yogic path. What you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat, everything plays a major role in your yoga practice. Similarly, when you practice Vipassana meditation, your diet is going to change for the best. So, you should inquire as to what will be provided at the chosen Vipassana meditation center.

Furthermore, you should also know what sort of beverages are going to be at your disposal when you join a particular yoga course. Herbal beverages are used to detox your body and mind so that you can concentrate better on your practice.


A crucial point due to which numerous practitioners take a back step is because they miscalculate the total expenditure. Therefore, you must know how much is it going to cost you if you join a Vipassana meditation center. Always choose a budget meditation center so that you can concentrate more on your practice rather than expenses.

Furthermore, you should be conscious of your spending. Money might not be the most important element of yoga practice, however, it still plays a major role. If you spend a fortune on your meditation center, you’ll always think about it while practicing meditation. Therefore, be conscious of your expenditure so that you can focus on what is needed.

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Why Choose India to Practice Vipassana Meditation?

Why Choose India to Practice Vipassana Meditation

You might have come across numerous yoga practitioners exclaiming to choose a Vipassana meditation center in India. In case you feel doubtful, check out the following points. These will help you know why you should head to India to join a certified course for meditation practice.

Yoga Birthplace

India is a place where yoga originated. So, it is natural that the place is going to nourish you with authentic yoga knowledge. Therefore, you won’t be left out when it comes to yoga knowledge. Moreover, meditation practice is one of the most crucial elements of yoga.

Thus, heading on to India to join a Vipassana meditation center means you are going to learn it from venerable yoga masters. Moreover, you get to stand in the same place where yoga masters walked the planet and practiced yoga & meditation.

Spiritual Abundance

Energy is the essence of the livelihood of all living beings. However, sometimes you end in the wrong place that disrupts the natural flow of your energy. In those times, it becomes utterly important that you live in a place filled with positive energy or vibes.

That is where the role of India comes into action. Numerous yoga masters who dedicated their lives to meditation practice lived in India. Thus, the place where they lived or practiced has an essence of their pure energy. Therefore, it helps young souls to find their peace of mind while practicing Vipassana meditation for beginners.

Rich With Nature

Every human soul longs to connect with nature. Thus, whenever you head to a naturally abundant place, you feel relaxed. It has been seen that spending quality time in woods or valleys raises your vibrations. In short, you feel at peace because your subconscious connects with nature via frequencies.

In India, especially Rishikesh, you are going to spend time in mountain valleys, riversides, or waterfalls. Therefore, it will calm your senses, slow your mental mechanisms, and improve your focus instantly. Hence, practicing Vipassana meditation in India is going to nourish you with natural energy.

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Culturally Abundant

People from different localities and backgrounds live peacefully in India. This enriches the Indian culture with different dialects, thinking, and traditions. When you first time come to India to practice Vipassana meditation, you might feel lost in so many differences. However, over time, you become familiar with these differences that are going to positively influence you.

Moreover, so many traditions and cultures at hand teach you how to cope up with your problems. You get access to different thinking and perspectives in life that help you resolve your problems. Thus, you learn to think from a different point of view to solve your issues.

Venerable Yoga Masters

Venerable Yoga Masters

India is a hub for countless meditation practitioners from across the globe. Therefore, it is a perfect place to get started with your Vipassana meditation practice. It facilitates you to choose a yoga teacher that will help you connect with your inner being in the easiest manner.

Moreover, you get to practice Vipassana meditation for beginners with a yoga master who understands you and your thinking. Hence, it is going to save you a lot of time since your teacher knows what are you going through. So, India is certainly a perfect place to practice yoga and meditation.

In case you are wondering what good is there to practice Vipassana meditation, read the following points. They will help you understand the deep impact of practicing meditation on you.

Benefits of Practicing Vipassana Meditation

Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Anything could stress you out. However, you should when to back off and give some rest to your mind and body. Practicing Vipassana meditation releases stress so that you are always in your senses. Moreover, it relieves stress that makes you mindful and focused at the moment. Furthermore, stress reduction makes you happier and healthier.

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Minimizes Anxiety

Anxiety does not let you make rational decisions in life. Rather, you work under the influence of your mind, emotions, or feelings. That is why people who have an anxiety disorder are always hyper and on their feet. Practicing Vipassana meditation ensures you are calm and at peace. Also, you are safe from irrational thinking and debate in your mind.

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

The mind is one of the most crucial entities in your body that can completely alter the way you think. This mind makes you dance like a puppet whenever you want to change your life. However, not anymore. Practicing Vipassana meditation for beginners helps you master your mind. Therefore, you know how to mend the mental manipulations and stay on track for life.

Boosts Brain Plasticity

The brain is a complex entity. However, it adapts to a certain lifestyle too soon. Practicing Vipassana meditation helps in breaking the routine of your mind. Not just that, your mind becomes flexible to learn new things. Therefore, it boosts up the brain’s plasticity that ensures you keep on growing every instant.

Treats Addiction

Addiction can be anything. For instance, drugs, smoking, drinking, browsing the internet, and so much more. Practicing Vipassana meditation for beginners helps you remain conscious of your actions. It facilitates you with complete control of your mind and body. Hence, it heals addiction of every sort without any hassle.

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Sum Up

Vipassana meditation increases your control over your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Moreover, you gradually seep into the deepest dimensions of your psyche. Hence, it helps you get rid of things that are stuck in your mind. In short, you gain freedom from old thoughts and beliefs.

You are advised to make Vipassana meditation for beginners a part of your life. Be consistent with your practice. Also, make sure you include a physically intense yoga practice in your life. That way, a perfect balance strikes between the mental and physical dimensions of your life.

In the end, your mind and bodywork in union so that you live an abundantly prosperous, happy, and peaceful life.


Ques 1) What is Vipassana meditation technique?

Ans) The art of Vipassana meditation revolves around the idea of conscious breathing. All your focus is going to be on your breath. That’s it. Furthermore, Vipassana meditation means you learn to shut off your mind from unwanted things in your life.

As you can see, Vipassana meditation keeps your focus in check. Hence, you learn to raise your awareness in the least possible time.

Ques 2) How is Vipassana meditation different?

Ans) Vipassana meditation is the art of practicing conscious breathing. In various other meditation types, the focus shifts from one thing to the other depending upon the form of meditation. For instance, in mindfulness meditation, you become aware of whatever is going on in your surrounding.

As you can see, Vipassana meditation practice has different elements when compared to other forms of meditation practices.

Ques 3) What are the 5 precepts of Vipassana?

Ans) The five precepts of Vipassana meditation consist of no killing, no sexual misconduct, the only truth, no stealing, and no intoxication. Keeping these precepts in mind will help you stay positive, mindful, and pure while practicing yoga and various other meditation practices.

Make sure you practice these precepts in your life. This will keep you away from doing anything that might hamper your yoga and meditation practice.

Ques 4) How difficult is Vipassana?

Ans) If you can’t focus on a single thing for an extended period, then it might be difficult for you to practice Vipassana meditation. Furthermore, Vipassana meditation practice might be difficult for a person who has less control over his or her mind.

With less control, your mind is going to wander rather than focus on meditation practice.

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