What Are The Different Types Of Meditation?


Being an effective yoga technique, meditation helps you find solace from the demands of everyday life. It helps you find some time off from daily stress that leads to a plethora of mental health issues like stress and depression. Meditation has a lot of potentials and is much more than just sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed.

Needless to say, health experts and spiritual leaders have come up with a variety of meditation methods. In other words, you can find a meditation style that suits everyone regardless of age, personality, or lifestyle. Meditation offers you a chance to improve your physical well-being and emotional health.

With that said, let us dive a bit deeper into the different types of meditations.

Different Methods Of Meditation

Since there is no one particular method to meditate, you can continue exploring different styles of meditation unless you find the one that works for you.

Given below are six types of meditation you can include in your daily life.

1. Loving-Kindness Meditation

Also known as Metta meditation, loving-kindness meditation helps you develop an attitude of love and kindness towards everything, even towards someone you don’t like. You practice a specific mantra and send out blessings and positive messages for your loved ones. This form of meditation helps you fight negative emotions like anger and frustration.

Moreover, loving-kindness meditation increases positive emotions that help you stay away from depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

2. Breath Awareness Meditation

The best type of mindful meditation is breath awareness meditation that promotes mindful breathing. You breathe slowly, deeply, and count your breaths. The goal of breath awareness meditation is to help you focus on breathing and ignore the negative thoughts running through your mind. Learning this type of meditation for sleep would also improve your sleep quality and time.

This form of meditation reduces your anxiety, provides emotional flexibility, and improves concentration levels.

3. Chakra Meditation

In the Sanskrit language, the word Chakra means wheel or disk. This chakra is a wheel of energy present in your subtle body. There are a total of seven energy chakras inside your body with each of these located at the base of your spine and move towards the crown of your head.

The chakra meditation helps you unlock all seven chakras and align them. Each of these chakras has a specific mantra and sound associated with it.

4. Zen Meditation

Also known as Zazen, Zen Meditation is a part of the Buddhist tradition. If you are a zen practitioner you would need an expert to guide you as it includes different steps and body postures.

The main goal of Zen meditation is to focus on your breathing and help you observe your thoughts without any judgment. However, Zen meditation requires discipline and regular practice. It helps you connect with your deeper self.

5. Progressive Meditation

Progressive meditation, also known as Body Scan meditation is a technique that helps you find the tension areas in your body. You start from one part of the body, usually the feet, and work your way up through the whole body.

This type of meditation helps you feel relaxed and calm that helps you face life’s challenges without any hassle. Due to its calming effect, you can use it as an effective meditation for sleep to let go of all stress.

6. Transcendental Meditation

An effective meditation you can make a part of your daily life is Transcendental Meditation. The goal of this meditation is to raise your present state of being. You focus on a particular mantra or a series of words to raise your spiritual vibrations.

If you are a practitioner of Transcendental meditation, chances are you will have some impressive spiritual experiences and developed a heightened sense of things. It is another effective meditation for sleep technique you can inculcate in your regular life for complete rest.


The daily stress of professional life and tensions in personal life wreak havoc on your mental and physical health. You should include meditation to focus your mind on the present moment and let go of everything that stops you from unleashing your full potential.

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