What are the Seven Chakras in the Human Body?

seven chakras

Are you a yoga practitioner? If yes, you must have come across the term ‘Chakras’. As a beginner, you might have searched your whole body looking for the Chakras. If you have been thinking about what are the seven chakras you heard so much about, here’s your take. Go through the following to know what are the seven chakras.

Before you go deeper into learning about different chakras, here’s a brief about them. Read it to get started.

Chakras – What are they?

The seven chakras are the energy points in your body. It is where the energy flows the most in your body. These seven chakras are present in your subtle body. Therefore, you won’t find them in your physical body.

Hence, you can only activate them by practicing meditation. Moreover, activating the chakras ensures the upward flow of energy that leads to activation of the Kundalini energy. Further, These seven chakras start from bottom to top.

With that said, given below are the seven chakras in the human body. Keep reading.

What are the Seven Chakras? A Brief

Root Chakra

When you want to know what are the seven chakras in the human body, it begins with the root chakra. It is situated at the very bottom of the spine. The more you focus on this chakra, the more you feel grounded and down to earth.

Sacral Chakra

The area below the belly is where the sacral chakra is located. If you want to control your sexual energy, you need to focus on this chakra. Further, it is also linked with creative energy. You can control your emotions if your sacral chakra is balanced.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra is in the belly region. Further, it is linked with metabolism. Moreover, the activated solar plexus chakra leads to better digestion, faster metabolism, and eradicates gastric issues. Moreover, focusing on the solar plexus chakra builds your stamina and confidence.

Heart Chakra

It is one of the most important chakras when you want to know what are the seven chakras in the human body. Placed where your heart is, it is connected to feelings of compassion and love. Further, it gives birth to the feeling of gratitude and cheerfulness.

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Throat Chakra

Present in your throat, the throat chakra are responsible for speaking the truth. It further gives rise to the feeling of genuine human behavior and the ability to stand with the truth. Moreover, it helps improve your verbal communication with the surrounding people. This way, the throat chakra improves your social behavior and activity.

Third Eye Chakra

Centered in the middle of your eyes, the third eye chakra brings your attention to your mind. Further, it is linked with the pineal gland that is also known as the master gland. Hence, it takes you deep into your psyche which helps you tap into the subconscious. Moreover, the third eye chakra helps you form a stable mind-muscle connection and improves memory power.

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Crown Chakra

The topmost point in your head is linked with the crown chakra. It is the last point on which you bring your attention. Further, the crown chakra is linked with the Universe that places you in different time and dimension.

Summing Up

What are the seven chakras is one of the most searched questions among beginner yoga practitioners. Hence, you must have deep knowledge about each chakra before you start activating them.

Moreover, it takes years to activate your chakra. The root chakra consumes the most time since the root chakra has the strongest energy. It channels the creative abundance and thinking patterns of any human being.

Therefore, make sure you practice under an experienced yoga master. Then only you can activate them without doing any harm to your body.

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