What is Yoga Alliance Certification- A Complete Guide 2021

Yoga Alliance certification

Yoga Alliance Certification– Today, millions of people around the world practice yoga for the sake of healthy living. But, most of them are not aware of proper yoga techniques and practices to be followed. Those who want to know every bit of yoga and discover its true essence must join a yoga teacher training course. This is where Yoga Alliance certification comes into the picture. Let’s give you detailed guidance on what is yoga alliance certification and how it helps yoga enthusiasts to take their yogic journey to a whole new level in 2021.

What is Yoga Alliance Certification?

Yoga Alliance Certification


Before we start explaining what is yoga alliance certification, let’s first make you understand what is Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance is a US-based nonprofit organization that supports the yoga community worldwide. It maintains the record of certified yoga schools and yoga teachers in various parts of the world. By having accreditation from Yoga Alliance, a yoga teacher becomes eligible to teach yoga in any part of the world. In brief, Yoga Alliance registers both yoga schools and yoga teachers.

Moving on, let’s now throw light upon the question ‘what is Yoga Alliance certification’. Yoga alliance certification is given to the yoga teachers or schools who have registered with Yoga Alliance by fulfilling its guidelines and paying a certain amount of fees.

What Does It Mean to Get Yoga Alliance Certification?

get yoga alliance certification


Keep in mind that Yoga Alliance does not offer any copy of the certification neither to schools nor to yoga teachers. Instead, it adds the name of the students or schools to its directory. For instance, when we say our school holds Yoga Alliance certification, it means we are registered with the organization and following all the standards set by its authorities.

With the Yoga Alliance certification, a yoga school can use the tag of RYS that too only by paying an annual fee to the organization. Similarly, a yoga teacher can use the title of RYT by applying with Yoga Alliance for the certification.

Is it worth Getting RYT or RYS Label?

Well, the simple and straight answer to the question is YES! Once you get RYT or RYS title that is accredited by Yoga Alliance, you can take your yoga profession to the next level.

However, there is a certain criterion to be fulfilled by the schools and teachers for getting the RYT or RYS title. Here’s how to get yoga alliance certification being a yoga school and yoga student.

How Yoga Students Can Get Yoga Alliance Certification?

If you are someone who wants to serve humanity by teaching yoga to others, then you first need to make yourself ready for that. This is possible only with the help of completing certain yoga teacher training programs.

There are various yoga teacher training programs that can be joined by students as per their level of yoga. For example, a beginner in yoga can start off with 200 hour yoga teacher training while the one already skilled in basic practices of yoga can opt for advanced 500 hour yoga teacher training.

The courses demand complete commitment and dedication from students if they want to get yoga instructor certification.

Do you want to get Yoga Alliance Certification? Well, following the route given below can help. Start now!

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How to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher?

how to become a yoga instructor


  • Find a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School

Your journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher starts with selecting a school for yourself. Make sure the school you choose is registered with Yoga Alliance. This makes you learn all the elements of yoga as defined by Yoga Alliance. We suggest you choose the YTT school in India.

The origin of yoga is from India. The sacred art has been recognized and practiced here for years. You can have a lifetime experience by choosing your yoga school in India for doing Yoga Teacher Training.

  • Select a Yoga Style

Next, you need to choose a yoga style for yourself. Yoga is not limited to one or two styles. There are various options for yoga enthusiasts to choose from. For example, you can choose between ashtanga, yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, gentle, restorative, and Jivamukti yoga.

  • Choose a yoga course

Once you have clarity in mind about opting for a yoga style for yourself, you can choose a yoga course accordingly. Make sure the course you choose matches your yoga level.

  • Get Guidance from Expert Yoga Teachers

When it comes to learning yoga, getting knowledge from expert teachers can bring a difference to your overall knowledge. So, make sure the place you choose for your training is having experienced and knowledgeable yoga teachers on board. This way you will be able to learn true and real yoga.

  • Complete the Yoga Course

Your seriousness is all needed to complete your yoga teacher training course. You need to follow all the rules and the guidelines for completing your YTT in a proper manner. No matter whether you joined 200 hour YTT, 300 hour YTT, or 500 hour YTT, you need to make all your efforts to complete the yoga course in a successful manner.

  • Apply with Yoga Alliance

Now is the step when you can turn your dream of becoming a Yoga Alliance certified teacher true. For this, you need to apply with Yoga Alliance as per the YTT course you have completed. Get 200 RYT certification for 200 hour YTT, 300 RYT for 300 hour YTT, and 500 RYT for 500 hour yoga teacher training, for example.

That’s it! If you would be found eligible to get RYT yoga instructor certification by the organization, you will be notified of the same. Also, your name will be added to the list of registered yoga teachers. It is expected that you have got an answer to the question that ‘How Yoga Students Can Get Yoga Alliance Certification’.

Moving ahead, let’s now define how to become a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance Certification.

How Does a Yoga School can Get Yoga Alliance Certification?

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If you are a yoga teacher and want to run your own school for spreading the knowledge of yoga through various yoga teacher training courses, here how you can Yoga Alliance certification.

The list of yoga alliance registered yoga schools is vast. Not only in the USA but schools from various others countries are also registered with the organization. For becoming a Yoga Alliance certified school, you need to fulfill all the standards set by the authorities of the organization.

Also, there is a need to complete the paperwork as suggested by the organization and pay the annual fees. A school can get Yoga Alliance certification only if

  • It follows the curriculum defined by the organization.
  • Yoga teachers at the school are qualified to teach yoga.
  • The school follows a consistent approach to serve the best yoga teachings to the students.
  • Teachers are dedicated and focused on giving the depth of the concepts, rather than giving an overview.
  • There is a lead teacher in the school who is already registered with Yoga Alliance and having specific years of experience in the field of yoga.

If all these parameters are followed by a yoga school, then it can easily get Yoga Alliance certification so as to increase its credibility.

If you are thinking about why there is a need to get certified to teach yoga as a teacher or school, well then the below piece of writing would be of great help. Continue reading!

Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification

Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification


Yoga Alliance certification brings various benefits when compared to regular yoga certification. It not only offers credibility to you as a school or teacher but also acknowledges your abilities and knowledge. Here is the list of benefits that can be availed with the help of Yoga Alliance Certification.

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Benefits of Yoga Alliance for Teachers

  • Being a member of Yoga Alliance, you get a wide range of opportunities to grow your career in yoga.
  • Yoga students always look out for teachers having yoga instructor certification from Yoga Alliance. Thus, you can run your own venture with having yoga certification in hand.
  • You get a chance to become a part of the biggest yoga community worldwide. Also, you can connect with a group of like-minded people, share your thoughts and passion with them, and perhaps also make lasting friendships.
  • You are offered various rewards and chances to attend free yoga workshops.
  • The certification allows you to enhance your knowledge, every now and then, by connecting with yoga professionals from various parts of the world.
  • Being a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, you can get various perks and discounts on the purchase of branded apparel and travel packages.
  • By having Yoga Alliance membership, you can get access to legal counseling as well as liability insurance as well.

Benefits of Yoga Alliance Certification for Schools

benefits of yoga alliance certifcation for schools


  • Get listed in the directory of Yoga Alliance. This addition increases your credibility as well as visibility among students who want to enroll in a certified yoga school.
  • Yoga Alliance is recognized globally. Once you get the certification from the organization, you can add the credential in form of a logo on your website. Keep in mind that most yogis acknowledge this credential when booking a yoga teacher training program.
  • The certification from the organization not only helps you become a part of the Yoga Alliance community but also allows you to share your opinions and thoughts with various schools worldwide.
  • Get access to various workshops organized by the Yoga Alliance for the sake of helping schools face the challenges coming their way while teaching yoga.
  • Get free registration to various online sites and groups for the overall enhancement of your school and students.
  • Avail protection from unnecessary rules and regulations. Yoga Alliance also offers protection to the schools registered with it from various industry threats that can put a stop in their way of teaching yoga. By having Yoga Alliance membership as a school, you will get protection if any unfair rules or regulations are being implemented on you. In addition, the organization becomes your first spot to contact if you have been facing any issue or are threatened.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail of all of these benefits by getting Yoga Alliance certification by completing all the eligibility needed. Count on us, this would be your best decision ever.

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A career in Yoga: What’s Next?

career in yoga


Do you want to share your knowledge of yoga with others after getting Yoga Alliance certification? Well, there are certain tips for you to take your yoga career to the next level.

For Teachers:

Even if you have received the yoga instructor certification and teaching yoga for years, there are some points you always need to keep in mind to become a good yoga teacher. Here they are:

1. Keep yourself always balanced.
2. Be patient and persistent
3. Be expressive in your statements by communicating effectively.
4. Completely commit yourself to your own yoga practice.
5. Arrive first to the class and leave at last.
6. Be always open to suggestions from the end of the students.
7. Keep yourself grounded always.
8. Serve your students to the best of your knowledge.
9. Don’t ever get afraid of doing hard work.
10. Learning never stops. So, keep learning as a yoga teacher.

For Schools:

If you have plans to set up your own yoga school, make sure to design a comprehensive yoga curriculum for all the courses offered by you.

Apart from that, arrange a welcoming space for your students to help them learn yoga in the best way possible. Make sure all your students get a safe and secure environment at your yoga school. Be clear with budgets beforehand, no matter for teacher training, accommodation, food, or yoga materials. Having clearance on budgetary manners on a prior basis will not only help you go streamlined with all your processes but also help potential students learn things in a better manner when it comes to spending money.

Final Thoughts on Yoga Alliance Certification

yoga teacher certification


Whether you want to certify as RYT or RYS, Yoga Alliance certification plays a vital role. We have thrown light on what is yoga alliance certification along with the ways you need to follow for getting it. Just in case you are looking for any more guidance on getting yoga Alliance certification in 2021, feel free to contact us.

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