Things Yoga Teacher Training Course Makes You Familiar With

Yoga Teacher Training

Practicing yoga for some time can lead you to enroll in yoga teacher training. However, you might be wondering what new will you gain. Thus, it becomes utterly important to have an idea about what a yoga teacher training course provides you.

It becomes fairly easy for you to decide to join it or not. The following points shower you with knowledge about yoga teacher training. Read on.

Things Yoga Teacher Training Teaches You

Countless Yoga Poses

Joining a yoga teacher training provides a plethora of yoga poses. From basic to advanced yoga poses, it has all. You also learn the simplest approach to practicing complex yoga poses.

Some poses are to gain strength while others for more flexibility. Moreover, you learn about perfect timing to hold a yoga pose for better results. Therefore, yoga teacher training helps you to have an overall development.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation is a practice that helps you calm your mind and body. You learn various techniques to meditate. Whether it is mindfulness meditation, sleep yoga, or any other type, you go through each.

You can choose the one that best suits you. Moreover, you get access to a peaceful location to dive deeper into your consciousness when you join the course. Meditation provides you conscious control over your subconscious.

Breathing Exercises

Your breath has a very strong and vital role in your overall health. It also signifies how your overall mood is. When you are relaxed, you breathe slowly and deeply. However, you do shallow and faster breathing when you are anxious or angry. Thus, you learn many forms of breathing for better control of your body.

With the help of breathing exercises, you further increase your overall wellness by increasing your VO2 max and blood circulation.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification

You can join yoga teacher training if you want to become a yoga instructor. With the yoga alliance, USA registered certification, you get worldwide access to teach yoga.

It helps you have a strong clientele for a strong start to your yogic journey. Further, you get in the limelight as a genuine person to learn yoga from.

Wider Exposure

Your knowledge exceeds when you come across different personalities. You get to think out of the box with new problems emerging in your yoga practice.

Yoga teacher training helps you meet new people. You also train under expert yoga masters who have dedicated their whole lives to yoga practice. Thus, you get the opportunity to get first-hand knowledge.

Deeper Knowledge

Yoga course provides you abundant knowledge on every human aspect. You get to learn about human physiology, body mechanisms, and the range of motion.

It helps you practice yoga without any injury. When you know your limitation, you can set your intensity accordingly.

Strong Connection With Self

You get access to your mental dimension when you practice various meditation practices. It moves you into a calm state of being. You can hear your inner voice with everything calmed down.

Over time, your connection with your higher being gets stronger. You come across your hidden talents or vices that need to be surface. Joining the course provides you every possible opportunity to grow to the maximum heights.


There are many things that you need to keep in mind before enrolling in a yoga teacher training course. You should consider the training style. It should be in alignment with your goal in mind.

Do thorough research, so that, you don’t end in a bad place. If possible, you should ask yoga teachers to have more clarity of thought.

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Ques. 1 How long does it take to be a yoga instructor?

Ans. It depends on which yoga course you choose. 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours are the Yoga Alliance certified courses. Therefore, to become a yoga instructor, you have to enroll and complete the course. Hence, every yoga course has a different time range.

Ques. 2 Which yoga teacher training is best?

Ans. There are different types of yoga teacher training courses. Therefore, it depends on the level of your yoga practice. For complete beginners, 200 hour YTT course is the best. However, for intermediate yoga practitioners, 300 YTT and 500 YTT are these to choose from.

Ques. 3 Is becoming a yoga teacher worth it?

Ans. If you want to add value to people’s lives, then becoming a yoga teacher is worth it. You become a part of the larger community when you become a yoga teacher. Moreover, learn how to incorporate yoga practice into your routine for an easy and wholesome life.