Which Meditation Will Make You One With The Universe?

Meditation for sleep

There are countless meditation techniques that you can practice. Osho, the renowned Indian mystic has written in his book that there are one thousand and one meditation practices. Therefore, it is like searching for a needle in the stack of hay. From wakeful meditation to meditation for sleep, you can practice meditation in every aspect of your life.

There is no sure-shot way to know which meditation practice can help you attain oneness with the Universe. All you can do is experiment with different meditation practices. Have a reading of the following meditation practices to know which might work for you.

Different Meditation For Sleep Practices To Connect With The Universe

Meditation For Sleep

Also known as Yogic Sleep, meditation for sleep helps you become conscious of your thoughts while sleeping. Your conscious mind is the weakest when you are sleeping or in a state of wakefulness and sleep. Meditation for sleep helps you bypass your conscious mind to observe your thoughts without indulging in them.

Therefore, you become observant to have a better insight into the functioning of your mind. You can flush out negative emotions even while sleeping with the practice of yogic sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation

To bring your attention to the present moment is termed as being mindful. All you need to do is to focus on your actions, mental as well as physical, occurring in the present moment. Your involvement with your thoughts is negligible. You are nothing more than a mere spectator who is resolving the quest to have a calm and quiet mind.

Just like meditation for sleep, the aim while practicing mindfulness meditation is to enhance your focus. Moreover, it is more like a combination of awareness with your concentration. You can use your body, your thoughts, or any other object to practice mindfulness meditation.

Mantra Chanting

It is one of the most prominent meditation techniques in Hinduism and Buddhist teachings. A Mantra could be a word or a phrase or a customized sentence that you can repeat. It is up to you whether you recite the mantra loudly or in your mind.

Mantra meditation aims to clear your mind by bringing attention to your mantra. It has been seen that the vibrations while chanting mantras can calm your mental chaos. Thus, it leads to a deeper sense of understanding and awareness.

Visualization Meditation

Your mind is always imagining things whether you are awake or asleep. It is basic human psychology to ponder over negative things, emotions, or feelings. Therefore, you must direct your imagination to focus on positive aspects of your life with the help of visualization meditation.

That is where visualization meditation plays a major role. You learn to imagine positive images, scenarios you want to manifest in your life. Another thing that you can try is to imagine yourself succeeding in specific goals in your life. It improves your mental focus and gives your life direction. Visualization meditation can be combined with meditation for sleep practice.

Transcendental Meditation For Sleep

To transcendent is to raise your awareness such that you form a strong connection with the Universe. The aim is to harness abundant energy in your crown chakra and to link your unconscious with the Divine power.

Therefore, transcendental practice helps your calm your senses while silencing your mind. You become a more observant and peaceful soul.

Movement Meditation

Once you think that you have a strong focus, you become eligible to practice meditation anywhere and anywhere. Movement meditation means you can remain in a state of calm while doing day-to-day work.

Thus, you can integrate mindfulness meditation with movement meditation to enhance your focus while working.

Summing Up

Meditation benefits you in ways you can’t imagine. Moreover, meditation practices heal your mental and physical ailments. The manifestation of your desires becomes utterly easy when you have a calm and composed mind. Meditation for sleep can help utilize your time while you are sleeping.

Over time, you gain conscious control of your mind and live a happy life.

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Ques. 1 How can I fall asleep in 10 minutes?

Ans. To sleep under 10 minutes, you need to calm and relax your mind and body. For that, you can practice meditation for sleep. Furthermore, you can also practice deep breathing exercises. It is one of the best ways you can relax your mind.

Ques. 2 How do I shut my brain up?

Ans. The easiest way is to practice deep breathing. For further benefits, you can practice meditation along with deep breathing. The moment you start focusing on your breath, you witness extra things going on in your mind comes to a complete halt.

Ques. 3 What is sleep anxiety?

Ans. It is a mental illness where a person feels anxious or fearful to fall asleep. You can cure this condition by practicing meditation for sleep.