Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Tratak Meditation

Tratak meditation

Meditation is the ancient yogic technique that helps you connect with the universal consciousness. But, with time meditation has transitioned into different techniques namely Mindfulness, Loving-Kindness, and Tratak meditation.

Tratak meditation, also known as “concentrated gazing” is one of the Shatkarmas (Yogic Principles) for cleansing internal organs. It helps you develop intense focus and strengthens your eye muscles.

But to practice this meditation technique you need to follow a few simple guidelines. Let us find out what they are.

What You Need to Practice Tratak Meditaion?

To make it easy for you to practice Tratak meditation yoga experts have come up with a few simple guidelines.

1. Practice in Darkness

To reap the full benefits of this meditation you should practice it in complete darkness. A semi-dark room also works well. Do not use a brightly lit room. Try to get rid of extra air by closing the windows and doors.

If you practice Tratak with a point on the wall or paper, the room must be bright. This helps you focus on the point in front without any hassle.

2. Practice Empty Stomach

Tratak is not particularly time-sensitive. You can practice it any time of the day. The only condition is you should have an empty stomach. Sitting to do Tratak meditation with a full stomach makes you feel sleepy and dizzy.

3. Use the Right Candle

Always get a quality candle that does not drips or soot stains. The quality of wick impacts how long the flame remains stable. Make sure the wick is one centimeter long to get a suitable flame.

4. Place the Candle Correctly

Make sure to keep the candle at a distance of 50 centimeters away from your face. The wick of the candle must be just above your eye level. You can also put the candle on a chair to make it parallel to your eye vision. Doing this helps you concentrate during Tratak meditation session.

5. Sit in Meditative Pose

Always sit in a meditative pose that feels comfortable and stable. Yoga experts recommend that you sit in the Easy pose as it is easy for beginners. Do not sit in the Tailor pose as that might cause discomfort.

Now let us take a look at how you should practice Tratak meditation.

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Steps to Practice Tratak

  • Light the candle. Keep it at eye level. Make sure it does not flicker.
  • Sit in a comfortable meditative pose with both hands on your knees in Jnana or Chin Mudra.
  • Set a clear intention. You can breathe slowly to relax the body and develop stillness.
  • Close both eyes. Gaze at the centre of the candle flame and just above the wick.
  • Try to look without your eyes blinking. Gaze without straining your eyes.
  • Turn the gaze up to the centre of your eyebrows. Keep the image of the flame in your mind.
  • Focus on this image and study its colors.
  • Repeat the process once the image disappears.

Note: If your mind wanders during Tratak meditation then focus on your breath. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of the eyebrow centre.

Do you know the power of Trataka meditation? Let us find out.

Power of Tratak Meditation

  • Daily Tratak meditation unlocks the inherent energy of your mind. It channelizes this energy to the dormant areas of the unconscious. In the long run you become clairvoyant, telepathy, and telekinesis.
  • Higher level of concentration in this meditation style helps you develop a strong willpower and better memory.

But, not following the correct steps for Tratak meditation does cause serious repurcussions.

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Dangers of Tratak Meditation

  • Tratak is harmful when you do not practice it with the right technique. It can lead to vision-related problems, headache, and anger.
  • Be patient and do not force the session for longer duration. Avoid stressing out your eyes.
  • Suffering from eye-related problems? Avoid doing Tratak at all costs.

Apart from this there are times when practicing Tratak meditation is not a wise decision.

Tratak Meditation Contradictions

  • Suffering from Glaucoma? Do not practice Tratak.
  • If you suffer from Myopia (Short Sightedness) then do not take off your glasses during Tratak meditation session.
  • If you have Epilepsy then do not practice Tratak with a candle flame.

Do you want to learn a powerful and intense meditation technique? It is time you sign up with a certified yoga school to learn Tratak meditation technique.

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