Yoga for Better Sleep: 7 Bedtime Poses You Should Try

Yoga for Better Sleep: 7 Bedtime Poses You Should Try

Almost one-third of Americans face trouble falling asleep and experience bout of insomnia from time to time. Even, in certain cases, the sleeping pills prove useless. However, practicing various yoga poses for better sleep is a go-to option for you if you want to cope up with the problem without any medication and following a natural treatment.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to practice yoga for sleep. Joining a yoga center can be a good option. Practicing yoga every day can help you with more than just sleep. Still feeling doubtful? Here is a list of 7 basic yoga poses to help you sleep better.

7 Easy Yoga Poses for Better Sleep: All You Need To Know

1. Legs Up The Wall Pose
Standing or sitting all day long can be tiring for you, especially for your legs. This pose is a perfect antidote for your legs tired from all that exhaustion. Lying on the bed, just raise your legs up in the air and support them against the nearby wall. You might experience a stretch in your hamstrings accompanied by a burning sensation, relaxing your whole body.

2. Standing Forward Bend
Reach for the ground with your feet six inches apart. You can either let loose the arms or can cross your arms to grab the opposite elbows. This pose helps you with stress management and also heals headaches and insomnia. It stretches the lower back and the glute muscles for better flexibility. You will achieve a relaxed state to have a better sleep.

3. Happy Baby Pose
The pose is very helpful to release tension from your lower back and legs. To practice this pose, lie down on a soft floor, raise your legs over your head, not perfectly straight rather fold them in a way so that you can grab your feet. Holding your feet with your hands, try to roll a little from side to side to massage your back muscles. This pose is also helpful to release stress from your mind.

4. Sleeping Butterfly Pose
If your work requires you to sit for long hours, this pose is a great way to unlock our tight hips and lower back. While sitting the pose stretches your inner thighs when you bring your feet soles together. Be mindful of your knees, in case you need some support, place something under the knees. Try to touch the sides of your thighs to the ground to deeply stretch the leg muscles.

5. Child’s Pose
Sitting on the top of your folded legs, you bend forward to stretch your back. Resting your forehead on a blanket, or a pillow, you can further stretch your arms. It is an excellent pose to open up your upper back, hips, and arms muscles. It is a perfect pose for relaxation. The pressure on the legs releases stress and tension from the thighs and calves muscles. It is one of the best and easy yoga poses for better sleep.

6. Hero Pose
Just like you sit in the Child’s pose, instead of leaning forward, just sit over the thighs with your glutes resting on your feet. This pose lets the flow of various fluids into the area, lubricating them for protection against any injury. You might be having issues of cracking joints, which can be healed by practicing the Hero pose.

7. Corpse pose
Simply practice the pose when you are off to bed. Releasing your legs and arms down to your sides, simply close your eyes. The pose is perfect to practice yoga nidra for sleep where you scan your body, be mindful of your breathing, and enter a deep meditative state.

Practicing all the above-mentioned yoga poses, you can have a better quality of sleep. In case you find any difficulty in initiating the yoga practice, you can join a yoga teacher training center. There you can further learn various other yoga poses for better sleep.