Yoga For Insomnia: An Ultimate Way To Sound Sleep

Yoga For Insomnia

Have you been counting sheep at night rather than sleeping tight? The present state of the Coronavirus has filled lives with so much fear, stress, and anxiety that people lost count of the day they had good sleep. The tension in the air affected each being different. Moreover, the inability to leave the houses made it even more difficult to do any physical activity. However, yoga for insomnia comes to the rescue at a perfect time.

Some of you might be having sleeping issues but are not sure whether it is an irregular sleeping cycle or whether it is insomnia. Thus, having clarity of your issue is the very first step you need to take before healing it permanently, and that too naturally with yoga for insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia could be called a sleeping disorder in which a person experiences difficulty falling asleep, or can’t sleep for long to provide the body adequate rest. There are two conditions, one is short-term i.e. acute insomnia that lasts from a night to a few weeks at stretch, and the other is long-term, i.e. chronic insomnia that shuffles between at least three nights a week to a few months or more.

Yoga for insomnia heals both acute and chronic insomnia by calming your senses, and help you have a better quality of sleep in the least possible time.

Types of Insomnia

Apart from the types of insomnia based on time duration, there are two more based on how it may be linked to a person on a personal level.

Primary Insomnia

In primary insomnia, the sleeping problems of the sufferers are not linked to any medical or hereditary health condition.

Secondary Insomnia

When people suffer from various sleeping disorders or irregular sleeping patterns because of other health conditions like depression, cancer, arthritis, chronic pain, or anything else, it comes under the scope of secondary insomnia.

What is Yoga For Insomnia?

Yoga is an ancient practice that works on your physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions. With yoga asanas, you get a strong and flexible body, and the yoga stretches help you flush out any stress or tension inbuilt in the muscles.

Yoga for insomnia helps you further with meditation practices to connect you deeply with your inner being. What goes inside is reflected outside. Thus, when you link with your inner voice, you can reflect and radiate accordingly. In turn, you can witness clarity of thoughts, removal of negative emotions or feelings from your unconscious, and gain a clear vision in life to work upon.

Breath is the life force that works towards linking your mental energy with spiritual energy. Thus, when you practice controlled breathing exercises while practicing yoga for insomnia. You learn to silent your mind with deep breathing exercises. Moreover, when you feel helpless or anxious, various breathing techniques can help you calm down your senses, so that, you can think and act in a better way.
How Yoga For Insomnia Helps?
There have been countless ways in which yoga for insomnia heals all your mental and sleep issues. For starters, it targets your mind by lowering brain activity, so that, you can have complete rest physically as well as mentally.

The following keynotes can help you have a better understanding of the elements affected by yoga for insomnia. Have a brief reading.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction

The more you worry about the conditions on which you have no control, the more stressful it becomes for you. Therefore, you feel helpless leading to feeling anxious. Yoga for insomnia helps you get rid of the stubborn stress hovering over your head by moving your body and mind in alignment with each other.

Peace of Mind

A peaceful mind is home to wonderful ideas and teaches you how to live your life. Guided meditation for insomnia takes you deeper within you, pulls your attention from the always chattering mind, and helps you experience the serene state of abundance and bliss.

Raising Awareness

Awareness is your attention or focus or involvement in any task at hand or in mind. Thus, yoga for insomnia helps you have a pinpoint focus. Hence, you can confront your guilt or mistakes from the past and can learn to accept them and move on. Therefore, you become more present in “HERE” & “NOW”.


To de-clutter is to pull yourself from all the negativity heaping around you. You might have heard that what you observe and absorb makes your psyche. Thus, when you practice yoga for insomnia, you learn to look at the positive aspects of life, and likewise works towards turning your life and health towards the better end of the spectrum.


Breathing is one of the simplest elements, yet the most overlooked thing when you want to upgrade your overall well-being. Yoga for insomnia practice involves many breathing techniques to sustain your journey towards a better life.

Moreover, you witness improvement in other health issues as well that you might be suffering. Being consistent with your yogic practice helps you have the ideal physical and mental health that you have always desired for.

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Ques. 1 Does yoga cure insomnia?

Ans. A big yes! Practicing yoga for insomnia is one of the best and easiest ways to heal insomnia. The most important aspect is that you are not taking any medication.

Ques. 2 Which exercise is best for insomnia?

Ans. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to cure insomnia. Further, you can make a routine of yoga for insomnia that you can practice regularly to heal insomnia.

Ques. 3 Can chronic insomnia cured?

Ans. Yes! You can cure chronic insomnia through the practice of yoga for insomnia. One thing you need to know is that you have to be an avid practitioner of meditation to have faster and long-lasting effects.