Yoga For Sciatica Pain: 5 Best Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain

yoga for sciatica pain

Are you experiencing sharp pain in your lower back? Does the pain travel down to your calves? If yes, you might be suffering from sciatica nerve pain. Before moving on to know how yoga for sciatica can be your only hope, let’s first understand what sciatica is. Keep reading.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a nerve that starts at the base of the spine and goes all the way to your feet. Whenever the nerve is pulled or pinched, a sharp pain emerges.

The sciatica pain is never static. That means it does not remain in a single place rather keeps on moving from hips to hamstrings or calves. Moreover, tight or stiff muscles can also lead to sciatica pain.

If you are suffering from such pain, you must practice yoga for sciatica pain. Here are the best 5 poses of yoga for sciatica that you must practice. Let’s have a look.

Top 5 Poses of Yoga For Sciatica Pain

Child’s Pose

It is one of the best poses of yoga for sciatica pain. The child’s pose works on your lower back, leg muscles, and ankle mobility. Furthermore, it works on the flexibility and agility of your spine.

The forward bending stance further helps in loosening up your spine. It works on your sciatica nerve by stretching your hip muscles. Hence, it releases pain so that you can live an easy life.

Cobra Pose

It is important to maintain the overall mobility of your spine. That is where the cobra pose comes into action. This pose not just works on your back but also stretches your chest and core.

Further, it releases sciatica pain by loosening up your lower back. Hence, it massages your hip joints that ease the nerve pinching if there. Therefore, it is one of the best poses of yoga for sciatica pain.

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Bridge Pose

The lower back is one of the most crucial muscles that need more attention. That is why the bridge pose is an important pose of yoga for sciatica that you need to practice. It works on your lower back and hip muscles.

Hence, it is a perfect pose for a person suffering from sciatica pain. It strengthens your lower back, makes the spine supporting muscles strong, and increases the flexibility of your hip muscles.


Sometimes, it is not about movement rather static holds. The superman pose is one of the best poses of yoga for sciatica that you must be practicing. Weak lower muscles can lead to sciatica pain. That is where the superman pose comes into action.

The back part of your body is more prone to injuries. When you practice the superman pose, the focus goes to your spine, upper shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and neck area. More importantly, it reduces sciatica nerve pain.

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Knees to Chest

Another major issue that might lead to sciatica nerve pain is stiff or tight muscles. Hence, you need to improve the flexibility of your hip muscles that ensures your nerves do not pinch. Hence, knees to the chest is a perfect pose of yoga for sciatica that improves your mobility and agility.

Moreover, it particularly works on your muscle tightness. Hence, it lessens sciatica pain on the very first day. Make sure your lower back is placed right on a flat surface for more stretch.

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Wrap Up

Sciatica pain could lead to various other issues. Further, it leads to other complications that might put you on a back step in your life. Hence, you must practice various poses of yoga for sciatica pain to remain healthy and fit.

Just keep one thing in mind while practicing these poses, you do not have to push your body rather just practice at your pace. This way, you remain in your comfort zone while living a healthy life.

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