Yoga Nidra Certification:- A Complete Guide – 2021

Yoga Nidra Certification

Just like exercise is important for the physical body, sleep is necessary for the mind. You cannot perform efficiently if you continuously sacrifice your sleep. The sad truth is that the present generation believes work has more significance than having rest or time for yourself. Well, that’s the half-truth. Sleep, rest, and taking out time for yourself play a significant role. So, if you think you need to work on your sleep, you should check out the Yoga Nidra certification course.

More than a course, Yoga Nidra certification helps balance your mind so that you enjoy quality sleep. With that said, let’s explore a bit about Yoga Nidra certification. Later, we will provide you a glimpse of various benefits that this course offers. Let’s roll further.

What is Yoga Nidra?

The art of conscious sleeping is known as Yoga Nidra. The practitioner enters into a semi-conscious state while practicing Yoga Nidra. Moreover, it lets you acquire a deeper insight into your unconscious mind.

Furthermore, Yoga Nidra certification helps you achieve this state where you are in complete awareness of your mind, body, breath, and consciousness. In no time, you learn to train your mind and body to fall asleep instantly.

Is Yoga Nidra Certification Worth It?

Do you think it is a fluke? Well, think again. There have been numerous cases in which yoga practitioners have used plenty of yogic practices to train their bodies and minds. They achieved insurmountable feats in no time, however, with consistent yoga practice only.

As far as Yoga Nidra certification is concerned, it is worth it. Let’s explore why.

  • Releases Stress

Various situations or circumstances in life lead to stress buildup or anxiety. You might not be aware of it until you sit quietly and observe your behavior. Since everyone is busy building their careers, hardly anyone sits, relaxes, observes, and perceives things differently.

Yoga Nidra certification releases stress and other negative entities from your mind. Hence, you feel a lot lighter and relaxed after every Yoga Nidra session.

  • Makes You Mindful

Distractions are everywhere and hovering over your life. One small diversion takes plenty of good time out of your life. Joining a Yoga Nidra certification helps you learn the art of handling distractions.

You become mindful of your physical as well as mental dimensions. This brings you into the present moment and pulls you out of your mind.

  • Connects With Inner Being

You can call it inner being, intuition, pure consciousness, awareness, soul, or spirit, it is important to have a closer connection with this divine power. Your inner being gives birth to the Universe within you.

Enrolling in Yoga Nidra certification helps you channel your energy. It facilitates you to bring your attention wherever you need it. Hence, you become aware of all the sensations in your being.

  • Better Quality of Sleep

When every phase of your life is flowing in a perfect manner, your sleep improves automatically. You no longer have to twist and toss when you go to sleep. Not just that, enrolling in a Yoga Nidra certification improves the quality of your sleep.

Moreover, you need the least amount of sleep to feel relaxed and well-rested. In a nutshell, you train your body to fall asleep while you stay conscious of your mental mechanisms.

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  • Removes Negative Emotions

Emotions lead to feelings. Therefore, when you have control over your emotions, you control your feelings. Yoga Nidra certification helps you become aware of your internal work.

Removal of negative emotions leads space for the birth of positive emotions. Hence, you feel compassionate, loved, positive, and grateful for life.


Before joining Yoga Nidra certification, you should consider whether it is Yoga Alliance certified or not. Make sure you join a Yoga Alliance certified course only. After the completion of your course, you get complete control over your sleeping patterns and cycles.

However, make sure you consistently practice Yoga Nidra every day. Over time, it will become your second nature. In turn, you live a peaceful, healthy, and harmonious life.

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