Yoga Terms For Beginners: An Approach to Yoga

Yoga Terms for beginners

One of the biggest hurdles that beginner yoga practitioners face is the yoga lingo. They enter a yoga class unprepared. Hence, they face a lot of difficulty understanding what does the yoga teacher is talking about. So, to ensure you don’t face the same situation, make sure you understand yoga terms for beginners.

Going through these yoga terms for beginners helps update your knowledge. Moreover, you feel connected with the class and the yoga teacher. Therefore, you won’t get lost in understanding and translating Sanskrit mantras and terminology. Keep reading.

Simple Yoga Terms For Beginners

1. Yoga

One of the biggest mistakes beginner yoga practitioners make is that they take yoga nothing more than just yoga poses. However, that is not even close to what yoga is all about. In Sanskrit, yoga means a deeper connection between the physical body and the Divine power.

Therefore, the quest of yoga is to unleash the hidden potential of the human mind and body. Moreover, it also talks about strengthening the mind and body bond.

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Is it Greek to you? Well, that is because you might not be paying full attention to the term. In English, this is known as Downward Facing Dog. It is one of the most practiced and fundamental yoga poses.

Practicing this works on your overall body. Therefore, it is the only yoga pose which is included in almost every yoga workout session.

3. Mudra

Any hand sign you do while practicing yoga poses or meditation falls under the category of Mudras. Various Mudras are there depending on what type of yoga are you practicing. Practicing Mudras helps in the proper flow of energy in your body.

Furthermore, Mudra practice presses one body on the other that presses various energy points.

4. Prana

In yoga philosophy, energy is the vital force around which every minor or major principle of yoga revolves. Thus, the vital energy needed is known as Prana. Prana further uses numerous breathing techniques to focus your energy on a particular muscle.

5. Asana

All yoga poses are also known as asanas. In Sanskrit, the word asana means to take a seat. It signals the stance that you take when you want to practice meditation. In short, the formation that your body takes is known as asana.

6. Pranayama

The art of breath control is known as Pranayama. Practicing Pranayama strengthens the connection between your breath and the body movement you are doing. Different techniques of Pranayama lead to a different flow of prana through your body.

7. Vinyasa

This yoga term for beginners has two meanings. The first one deals with the flow of your body with the breath. On the other hand, Vinyasa is also a form of yoga that is based on the fluidic motion of your body.

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8. Drishti

It is another important yoga term for beginners that means sight. Moreover, you can perceive it as a vision while practicing yoga or meditation. The presence of stronger Drishti while practicing yoga helps you to balance your body while doing complex yoga poses.

9. Mantra

Mantra is a phrase, word, or a sentence that comes from Sanskrit and has a deeper meaning. You repeat mantras while practicing meditation to reprogram your unconscious. They are repeated verbally either loudly or under your breath.

10. Chakra

Chakras signify the seven energy points present inside the human body. These play a major role while practicing Kundalini yoga or while balancing energy.

11. Nadi

The energy flows through a pipe-like structure in the subtle human body which are known as Nadis. In general, there are nearly 72,000 Nadis. However, out of them, only 3 are the most important. Therefore, it is one of the most important yoga terms for beginners.

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12. Hatha

It is a Sanskrit term divided into two parts namely, Ha and Tha. Ha signifies Sun and Tha denotes the Moon. Combined, they signify the unity of the entire universe. Moreover, there is even a yoga named Hatha yoga.

13. Ujjayi

It is a type of breathing technique practiced by yoga lovers. The breath goes in and out through the nose. Moreover, the breath should slide through your throat while inhaling and exhaling.

In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned are just a few yoga terms for beginners. So, going through them might help you understand what is going in class. Hence, you won’t be feeling alone or out of place.

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